Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I went to Bali! This summer of 2017!

I did it! I finally did it! I push down my fears f the unknown and my passion for travel helped me to take the decision to go to the far south east of Asia finally , and because of my loves for Spas Bali has always been a dream destination of mine. And I was right Bali all in it self is a Spa .. I was thinking there that I want to take a piece exactly as is and make it into a Spa here.. Remember the movie New Years when she had a wish list and in it was go to Bali and he takes her to a Spa called Bali ... I love that scene it exactly what I want to do .. I want to make that Spa here.. So back to my travels ... now I am over the hump .. I took the step and I stepped into that part of the world .. and now no one can stop me lol .. I am planing all sorts of destination in that part of the world with in the next year ... next Stop JAPAN! I feel excited and happy that finally I am thinking about my passions instead of what I have to do for my work which is what I have obsessed about the past 5 years .. this year and the next I am gonna focus on building me what I want in my work life my ventures in Business and my travels which just nourishes my soul ...

I still remember you ...

I know is been a while but I love this blog.. its my personal out take on the things I want to share ... no restrictions ... no planning ... just me and my thoughts ... This blog is what started it all and I am always thankful for it .. here is where I learned what blogging meant .. sharing .. and from here is where I grew .. so you always remember your home .. This to me i home on the internet .. when this started it was all about sharing almost like your personal diary .. look at social media has become now .. So thank my beautiful blog Fun Lilliy for giving me the first block to build all that has come after ..I love you.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Its been a while but its my birthday song time! 2014!

Last my wish was "Happy" and thank god it came true... this year its theme I want it to be "Passion" ..

Friday, March 8, 2013

Starting Yoga Tomorrow... omhhh...

I always wanted to do this. I'm always feeling guilty about not being physically fit.. ALWAYS! The guilt comes because I was a long time ago (Physically fit that is) and now I lead a very sedentary life. I am always telling my self that tomorrow I am going to start ... or next week... or after this weekend... or after I finish this part of the month with loads of work ahead so I don't have the time...
So what happened to me now is that I am always stressed... always tired... and my body aches all the time... and I get tired just by going up one flight of stairs.. all these are warning signs and every day I ignore them.. I was told that Yoga helps with stress and its relaxing as well as it keeps your body toned.. and I always wanted to try it... something appealing regarding that zen thing about Yoga.. so since I bought this DVD almost 7 months ago during my month stay in Orlando I thought since I am also starting my diet why not make time for this as well.. tomorrow morning it is!

Zen and Peace to all!

I am giving in...

I always preached about never doing on one of those crazy diets where you restrict your self from many of the food groups in the food pyramid thing... That it isn't healthy... that you will not building a healthy eating habit... that after you stop these diets you will regain most of it back and even more because you starved your self... so after stopping you will be kind of like bull seeing a red cape you will running charging eating everything that comes your way... blah blah blah blah blah! ... But I am desperate! and I'm sick of it! I just cant look at my self in the mirror and all my cloths don't fit me anymore... so there... I am diving in and lets see what happens.. But I'm not going to tell any one... will almost anyone expect all of you so please keep it a secret...
The diet is popular among the girls in my work place...
Its called "The Laban and Dates Diet" Laban means Yogurt...
What is it... its a very simple plan... and your suppose to loss 5 kg in 7 days... and I need to lose Blank Blank kg before my trip to New York! Its not about looking slim its just about not looking obese ... yes Obese! So I'm sticking to "The reason I'm doing this is because its not healthy to be this weight!" truly it isn't ..
The plan is:
Copied from the forums in Arabic:

اليوم الاول ..
الفطور: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
الغداء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
العشاء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن

اليوم الثاني ..
الفطور: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
الغداء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
العشاء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن

اليوم الثالث ..
الفطور: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
الغداء: دجاج مشوي او سمك مشوي او لحم مشوي بدون دهون + صحن سلطة مشكلة بدون طماطم لان الطماطم يثبت الوزن ويجمد الدهون
العشاء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن

اجباري لا زم تكسري ثالث يوم ا الغداء علشان الجسم ما يتعود على نوع واحد من الأكل
وممكن اللبن يكون كامل الدسم او قليل الدسم او خالي
والتمر يفضل تمر اخلاص ويستبعد السكري
وفي ثالث يوم العصائر مسموح هانا كنت اشرب عصير اناناس او جريب فروت كي د يدي او سيزر
بشرط انها تكون طبيعية وبدون سكر وهذي الأنواع مضمونه

اليوم الرابع :
الفطور: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
الغداء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
العشاء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن

اليوم الخامس:
الفطور: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
الغداء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
العشاء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن

اليوم السادس :
الفطور: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن
الغداء: دجاج مشوي او سمك مشوي او لحم مشوي بدون دهون + صحن سلطة مشكلة بدون طماطم لان الطماطم يثبت الوزن ويجمد الدهون
العشاء: 7 حبات تمر + كوب لبن

اليوم السابع :
مفتوح يعني تاكلي كل شي صحي من فواكهه وخضروات وعصير ودجاج او سمك او لحم مشوي بس تيجي الساعه 8 قفلي فمك افضل وانا كنت اشرب كل يوم مرتين شاي الضيافه

Note: Consult with your treating medical physician before going on this diet or any strict diet lacking essential nutrients especially if you have any medical conditions and problems... and never continue on this diet for more than 7 days.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dreams to make them come true is a lot of hard work!

It was a long exhausting week! When you dream of dreams and things that you want to do to become the person you want to be and do the things that you dream of... it comes with its own price... in the dream its glamorous and sparkly... in reality its working late... sleepless nights... early mornings.. and continuous long long days that seems it will never end! And the worst part of it all it is many many obstacles along the way... that makes it sometimes so hard to remember why you are doing all this in the first place... determination windels slowly and you body and mind starts wondering why the hell are you doing this to me... and you almost start to think you want to give up... then you have one very small breakthrough and force yourself to see the big picture or the light at the end of the road what it might look like and hope and a bet energy start to build in you again... or you just have to keep reminding your self thats it worth it...  I hope its worth it...

Monday, February 25, 2013

My first "Reminder List" aka To Do List for this year...

Well I bite the bullet and did my first "Reminder List For Paper Work" which actually another phrase for a "To Do List" but thats what the App on my MacBook calls it and I'm fine with that. fallen back on my wake up schedule today I woke up a half hour late started my Day at 8am instead of 7:30am which eventually I wanted to build it up gradually to start my weekdays at 7:00am... I am dreading today its going to be a long long day... It will start at 10 am to literally maybe till 11 pm... Agghhh but there is a lot to do and a lot to decide.. so I better get going.. <3 and peace to all!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am not a "To Do:" list kind of gal!

I think this has been my problem in my life is a bet chaotic in the way I conduct things. Most of my on time friends have to do lists and almost less than half tell me that they stick to it. It keeps them on track. I always say to my self that I have that "to do list" in my head but its not true, I end of wasting a lot of time because I delay things to be done to the last minute and I sit worrying about not doing the things that I ams suppose to do and then when I absolutely HAVE TO I get stressed out! I woke up yesterday and I am determined to live a less stressful life by making my time more efficient so I am not always stressing out that I am falling behind. Its giving headaches and I think its raising my blood pressure because I am starting to get buzzing in my ears every time I get upset. Its all my doing... I just have to find a way to be more efficient. So starting this week is cut down on distractions and acknowledging that I am not a multi tasked kind of person.. To Do list to improve the way I do my work: 1- Wake up 2 hours early daily during weekdays. If I wake up 2 hours before I actually have to to get ready to go to work will give me enough time to do things before every body wakes up and start distracting me from doing some of much delayed work. 2nd day now and I am already a tiny bet happier... got some things done.. will try to finish the week and see how many days I actually did wake up at 7:30am. <3 and Peace to all!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is where it all started :)

Hello my dear dear Blog, Sorry to have been away for so long. I never abandoned you but you have set the first stones to what good things has came after and made me too busy to come here and write... You will always be dear to me and I know that you will always be there for me here like a good ole dear friend with welcoming arms and a big heart... happy that I have grown and left the nest but will always come home back to you when I need to clear my head from all the noise and craziness of what has become of the social media era.. It always amazes me of how much I learned here and the paths that you my simple personal dear blog has taken me... But I love every minute of it and every accomplishment... remember when people jokes about why am I waisting my time here, and who would read this... many read this and from it I learned blogging and from blogging I landed a part time job that not just opened doors but it made some of my dreams actually come true... the blogs that came after actually became my resume online.. So thank you Blog... Thank you for all that you had given me... you kept me sane at times that were tough and kept me going in between jobs sitting at home and were depressed, those times that it was difficult to get out of bed... every day of those dark days you gave me a purpose and got me out of bed all along teaching me giving me a skill.. and later those teachings brought me opportunities that made my life better... I love you! XOXO Lilliy