Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hi everyone.. I am glad to see that still from time to time even though I have been away some of my friends are still checking my blog..
I have missed you ALL!!! so much and I have missed my blog even more..
I have been very busy at work and studying from morning till night and have only been coming home straight to sleep...
and when I have a free time my mind is blank doesnt want to even utter a word out.. lol..
But I do really miss my blog everything these days is only surrounding my work and specialty only.. my blog was the other side of me who is not a doctor.. it was about my other intrests in life..
I will try to at least from now on make time once a week to share something with all of you.. the count down for my exam is coming soon too.. so any free time will be given to that as well.. but I will in my breaks try to write something..
Take care..
Write to you soon..
please dont forget me.. :)

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