Thursday, November 12, 2009

Once - main trailer

Finally this is the trailer of the film.

Once - Lies

Another great song from the film.
Its so moving when he is looking into the old videos of them and especially her he took when he was happy and how hard it is when all is left of two and their love and happiness are just memories in videos that when you look at, you cant remember anymore who those two people smiling are, or where did all those smiles disappear into even though your looking straight at a face that is you.

ONCE: Falling Slowly

I just watched this movie yesterday and its amazing I highly recommend it. Its romantic but in a non Hollywood realistic way. The songs capture your heart along with the story. If you want something refreshing and artistic low budget and cinematic then see this it will restore your faith in film making as an art and not just a box office hit list.