Monday, March 8, 2010

I got a BlackBerry! Hooorrray!!!

This is being sent through its email system which is also great! Because I have many email accounts, personal, for friends, professional, and for my travel blogging too along with my subscriptions. I have been thinking always that most likely I was always going to get an iPhone since I am such a big fan of all apple products. But when my Mac broke down and I waited till I was traveling to the USA to fix it, I gave in to the PC because I was able to get a computer for a cheaper price because of the budget at the time. Anyways now - can't live without both of my computers the PC and my fixed Mac. Now in KSA everyone or let's say most people are carrying the BB (short for BlackBerry) especially with the special offer from STC of SR99/month. Its the never ending battle between the PC and the Mac and now between the BB and the iPhone. For now in my house the BB is on the lead. What's on the lead in your house? Or in your work? If ever that is a fair question since most companies want their workers to be carrying the BB. Write to you soon...
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