Wednesday, June 23, 2010

But ppl like to make fun at the fuzzy...funny-->JK Divorce Entrance Dance

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is my dream... just to be able to breath to "Eat.. Pray..Love"

I cant wait for this movie to come out. It had some great reviews and some bad ones. But do you think its unreal or people don't do this kind of thing just as it was critisized. Its not! I know many travel bloggers that have done this or still doing this.. take a year off to find what they really love in life and explore the world that we live in. Do I want to do this? Hell yah!!! Its exactly what I need...

The book was on the best seller list for many many weeks. Every body talked about it...

If you want another great read about leaving everything behind and travel the world for a year then this is another great true story read about three girlfriends who took time away from it all and traveled the world. They had a great blog that I was following before the book came out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I missed Fun Lilliy's 3 years Birthday!!!!

Yes I can’t believe how much time passes by. It’s been 3 years (24th May 2007) exactly since I placed my first post on this blog. I know I have neglected this blog over the past year and half because I have been working more on my travel site and now on my professional social media sites and blog. But I always come back her to talk about the fun things in my life.

So as my birthday gift to Fun Lilliy. I will get her a new dress (a new template design) and declutter the side bars because it looks too busy on the eyes. In the near future I will get her a new custom made design, I have been searching around on the internet and I am seeing so many nice graphic designers with really great affordable rates. I want something cute and stylish just like Fun Lilliy.

So... happy birthday Fun Lilliy.. you have given me so much in so many ways to express my self through you, and at times when I was going through a very rough time, and feeling very low you have given me a resone on some  of those dark days to get out of bed and do something that made me happy and kept my mind of my sorrows.. Thank you... in so many ways you have saved me and helped me to stay who I am with out losing this creative side me...