Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fun Lilliy Wed Night YouTube Selection The Movie " Great Expectations"

So this film and the original Charles Dickens master piece book is one of my favorites.. when I was a teenager I read all of his books.. and this movie was the first time I was really fascinated by a modern version of a classic.. It was full and vivid with the story telling .. I loved that it combines.. Art, dance, and passion.. with complexity of human emotions.. I think I saw this movie like a hundred times and all the actors capture your heart from Finn the love sick boy fascinated with the world of the rich to his care taker who still loved him even though Finn was ashamed of him.. The use of the green color in the background and clothing made a live feeling even Stella's shielded icy heart.. Its almost a fantasy but still real somehow and modern. I love it.. so now thanks to you tube I am sharing it with you.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Cloud Number Nine.....

I remember this song.. it brings the most wonderful memories .. I used to play the whole CD Bryan Adams " on a day like today" every time I went to the beach and on the beach... cloud number nine is my favorite on that CD
It was 1999..
I love the beach and the sea.. the sound of the sea is soothing and dreamy to me.. I love snorkeling there is amazing underwater sea life in The Red Sea that you can just get lost watching it underwater on a bright sunny day on one of the beach resorts in Jedd.. Sun, sand and water are my ultimate favourite things in the world.. The Red Sea is beautiful if you know where to go..
It was my weekend tradition.. we .. my friends and I get up early morning on the weekend and gather to meet at the resort for a day on the beach.. I used to pass by and get Hot Tamis ( its delicious afghan bread made on a stone oven ) , creamy yellow cheese, and a cooler full of soft drinks and water... we eat breakfast together.. then rest a little start chatting away and playing our favorite music with our sunglasses and sun blocks on.. then who ever wants to start scuba diving they would gear up, the rest slowly start getting into the water swim and snorkel.. I like snorkeling because I used to hate to gear up for scuba diving and by the shore you still enjoy a lot of the sea life.. then some head out to get lunch after we all settle .. the cycle is reapeated again.. by sunset we all gather up together and watch the sunset.. which is just amazing..
At night we sit around talk, play music dance and the grill starts going we have dinner and then gather our things, head home totally exhausted, clean up and have the most peaceful sleep ever still with the sound of the waves vivid in my ears and the smell of the sea calming me down..
I haven't been able to enjoy any beach or water activities in the past 3 years..
Now I finally feel that I am home again and some of those memories are becoming reality again..
So I want to share with you some of my pleasant time.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

What Do You Do To Get Over A Break Up Other Than Sing " I Will Survive"

Gloria Gaynor Lyrics

Ok so I would like to see the difference between what women do and what men do?
What do you do to get over a Break Up? Why do you do those things? I want honest from the heart answers even the weird and crazy things you do, don't be idealistic be real!

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