Saturday, November 22, 2008

Atlantis The Palms Dazzeled Grand Opening in Dubai

A light display is illuminated during the grand opening of Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai.. photos from photo gallery of Khaleej Times dot com
These are the links to the story coverage in:
Khaleej Times
Stars, fireworks dazzle at Atlantis launch
21 November 2008

From Kylie Minogue, Denzel Washington, Robert DeNiro, Charlize Theron, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Michael Jordon, Boris Becker, Priyanka Chopra, Lily Allen, Agyness Deyn, Richard Branson, Sol Kerzner, Quincy Jones, Arjun Rampal, Farhan Akthar the list was endless as a host of celebrities walked the red carpet at the probably the biggest bash in the world to launch Sol Kerzner and property developer, Nakheel’s million-dollar baby.

Saudi Gazette
Nov 22 2008
Dubai hotel’s star-studded bash

DUBAI – Shrugging off the global financial crisis, Dubai overnight toasted a new luxury hotel with a $20-million bash attended by film stars and sporting greats and marked by a spectacular fireworks display.
More than 2,000 world celebrities were invited to the event, which began Thursday night and continued into Friday.

I have seen the original Atlantis In the Bahamas Pradise Island... so yet to come to see this one which is only 2 hours flight away.. will leave it for some sort of special occation.. had fun in the bahamas for sure will have fun in dubai as always..

Turkish word #12:

Harika! harika =Wonderful!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hagia Sofia soft light

Hagia Sofia soft ligh, originally uploaded by Fun Lilliy.

I just loved the soft light that you can enjoy inside Aya Sofia , the soft whispers of people every one trying not to disturb the peaceful quietness that you feel once you go in because you are mesmerized by the beauty of the building.
Istanbul... even when you hear that name in a movie you start visualizing a mystic city... you could almost start hearing the music in the background of your thoughts and smell the spices in the spice bazaar..
I am going to give glimpses of the areas I visited and the sights I have seen...
I stayed in the area called Sultanahamet and if it’s your first visit to Istanbul and you are interested in Old Istanbul and the important historical sight seeing, then this is the place to stay... In one of its nice Boutique Hotels (will talk about my hotel later in a different post). This area has all what’s important to see and you can walk everywhere... its crowded full of tourist and because I came and it was the first day of “Seker Bayrami" “Eid Al Fiter” holiday even Turkish and tourist from Syria and its borders came as well... I don’t mind crowded cities if I am seeking a busy vacation of exploring which was my aim in this trip. The center is the Sultanahmet center and park where you can stand and while you are looking around trying to decide what to see first you can enjoy for one lira grilled corn or boiled what ever is your preference or hot chestnut…. Yammm... which is also a favorite of the locals... every one is walking around eating corn... I think even if you don’t like it they will tempt you to at least try a bite of it out of curiosity. From this center you can also choose one of the tourist buses, there are Kiosks that book and sell you the tickets... I suggest first just to walk around with a map that you can get from the tourist office in the center with the man that just nods and points to the maps for you to take and figure it out your self... a city travel guide would be useful to take with you... Something like the book that I actually bought after I came back “lonely planet istanbul encounter”... but if you like to be surprised then just follow the tourists and go where they go these groups are all going to the same sights that you should be checking out… or just check out the websites do your research and put a list that you will find in the map and GO! That’s what I did before I went... these are the links…
To be cont….
Time for the Turkish lesson…
Turkish phrase #11:
Ingilizce biliyor musunuz? ingeleezje billeyourmoosunooz? =do you speak English?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

loooool...twittering... twits... loool

Aya Sofia Inner Entrance Wall Oct 2008

IMG_0424, originally uploaded by Fun Lilliy.

I just love all the details on the walls... Hagia Sofia which means " Holy Wisdom" Sofia means Wisdom or it means "Divine Wisdom". It was a mosque till 1935, when the Republic of Turkey converted it into a museum.

Turkish word # 10:
Pardon pardon = Excuse me to ( to get past)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Lazy Afternoon" by Getty72 from my flickr contacts..

Lazy Afternoon, originally uploaded by Getty72.

This is from flickr.. its one of the Pro Photographers I follow their work.. isn't this the sweeties photo.. I just love cats and couldn't resist posting this photo from Getty72who also writes and posts in his very interesting blog "One Man's Travel Blog".
Turkish word # 9:
Afedersiniz afedersneez = Excuse me (apology)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Haghia Sofia A.D. 532- 1453

Haghia Sofia Oct 2008 by Fun Lilliy
If you look at any travel book about Istanbul you will find that the first thing they talk about is AYA SOFIA.. of course its one of the land marks of Istanbul and was always even in history, which this building has seen alot of and still stands just happened that it was the first thing that I got tickets to see on my first day of touring Istanbul at day two after my arrival ( day one I saw first the bed after a long delayed tiring flight and when I woke up went to Galata Tower for dinner and a show, I will write about that later)
Aya Sofia is a place where you find so much history from every era, and feel once you pass through its doors and on its walls of Old Byzantium, Islamic and Christian thumb prints... you can almost hear the whispers of old times and see images of people in old robes and Emperors passing in front of your eyes.. It was built originally as a church in between A.D. 532 and 537 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian converted to a Mosque in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet II who was only 21 when the Ottoman army conquered Constantinople and taken down Emperor Constantine XI The Last Roman Emperor who dies fighting on the city walls with his army.
To be cont....
Turkish word #8:
Ozur dilerim ozoor dillareem =sorry

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The entrence of AYA SOFIA Oct 2008

The Entrence To Aya Sofia Oct 2008 by Fun Lilliy
Turkish word #7:
Lutfen lootfen =Please

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Won

Obama Victory Speech Video Link in NYT

NYT article: How Twitter Can Help at Work

September 7, 2008, 9:01 pm
How Twitter Can Help at Work
By Sarah Milstein
Twitter is a simple messaging service that you’ve either heard about a lot or not at all. Either way, it’s a fun and useful tool, well worth trying if you want to reach potential and existing customers, employees or employers.
Like blogging, Twitter lets you write messages that other people can read. Unlike blogging, Twitter limits your messages to 140 characters. (The previous two sentences absorbed exactly 140 characters.) Readers can choose to receive your Twitter updates (sometimes called “tweets”) on their phones, via IM, RSS or on the Web. The brevity, combined with the variety of delivery systems, make Twitter a powerful medium. Here are five ways to harness it.....

I found this article very interesting.. I feel that in KSA utilisation of all these available services is lagging behind.. I would love to use this service in reaching my patients and giving tips on how to care for the skin, answer simple questions,and many other uses but I don't feel that they are interested.. its still an idea that I might start and keep it up till may be people get the hang of it.. I think may be part of my problem is I have to try to learn to write in Arabic... hmmm...
I am not a very frequent twitterer but I do follow a lot of interesting people on twitter.. and see some use it for fun .. some use it as a way to communicate with friends.. others with colleagues at work or even to arrange for meetings.. some to announce for posts on there blogs.. companies..magazines.. even to help you lose weight by sending you reminders to place a list of what you ate... the list is endless.. its fun and it can be useful.. I follow a lot of people from different countries.. KSA.. Dubai.. US.. with different interests.. you never get bored..
One twitterer that I have been following in particular that combines business,and social usage of Twittwer is DrBaher who has founded a company in Dubai called CloudAppers that is great in utilising Cloud Web in all aspects of his business.. so if you want to have a sample of just how you might be able to utilise twitter in some of its many faces then check his link..

Monday, November 3, 2008

Istanbul the enchanted city... my photos..

AYA SOFYA Oct 2008 by Fun Lilliy
I will be uploading the photos that I have taken in Istanbul along with the turkish word of the day.. till I run out of photos and then will see.. :)
Turkish phrase #6:
Bir sey degil beer shey daeil = You're welcome

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun Lilliy Turkish learning book is.....

This is the book that I am using to learn Turkish.. its thin and not intimidating.. I carry it around every where and it fits in the small bags as well..
Noo I didn't forget today's Turkish word # 5 is:
Tesekkurler teshekkoorler = Thank you.
Of course because my computer is in English.. I cant place the proper looking Turkish letters in the phrases.. but its the closest thing for now till I figure out how to place them and how to get them on this computer.. :)

Aksaray and Turkish Word # 4

Ok.. I havent neglected me learning turkish I was just away for a few days..
so here it is word #4:

Hayir hire or higher =NO