Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Up in the Air performed live by Kevin Renick أغنية الفيلم تؤدى بمؤلف الأغنية كيفين رينيك

One of the main songs of the film "Up In The Air" performed live by the writer of the song and performed by him.

The lonely film "UP IN THE AIR" George Clooney amazing! فيلم مؤثر عن حياة وحيدة فوق السحاب مع جورج كلوني وأداء مؤثر

I just finished watching this movie Up In The Air
and I have really enjoyed it. Anyone who is on the move sometimes we feel like we are actually living in airports and I used to say it "Riding the plane to me is like taking a bus at a bus stop" I don't see the lines anymore and the procedures and the lines seem so natural to go through. I am automatic.. heck most of the times my bag was unpacked because I am flying again soon. Is it a lonely life.. yes just like the film portrayed. Anyone who is looking for a new good story in a film. I think will get it by watching this movie. I thought that the pace of the film would be slow but it wasn't.
It really hit my interest when you listen to all the stories of the people that are being laid off... the stories are real the fears were real... the need of hope was real...
All in all a superb movie worth all the good reviews and nominations that it had received.

George Clooney in Up in The Air Movie official movie website.
To check out the soundtrack at Amazon click on the link below

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I saw it! I loved it! "Sherlock Holmes" The Movie

Sherlock Holmes ... Where do I start... the actors, the music, the cinematography, and the director.... Just pure amazing till now I saw it twice and I don't mind seeing it for the third time in one week. I would say to any one who hasn't seen yet.. "What are you waiting for! if you like movies.. you will for sure enjoy this movie!"
Take a look at the trailer yourself...

SHERLOCK HOLMES The Movie (2009) the official movie website
If you would like to listen to the sound track you can at this link below

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year YouTube (2010)

Happy new year every one!

كل عام و أنتم بخير Happy New Year!!!! 2010!!

لأول مرة أكتب بللغة العربية لأنة أخيرا تعلمت كيف أ ستخدم الكيبورد العربي في الكمبيوتر.... وهزه أول مرة أكتب في المدونة الخاصة بي كتجربة....