Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My interests through the two years on Fun Lilliy

I have been going through my blog to try to sum up what are the topics in my posts for the past two years. I found that it comes down to this excluding my travels.
1- Movies
2- Music
3- Books
4- TV shows
5- Fashion
6- Shopping
7- Women issues
8- Entertainment news
9- YouTube Videos.
10-Social media
11-Pop culture
12- New recourses, websites, and blogs.
!3- Personal thoughts.

I spend a good amount of time on the internet and mostly trying to find new websites to read, explore and follow. The more it is organic and new the more fun it is to explore. The web sites now are very creative and they evolve quickly at times into something that gains a lot of popularity. I call them web celebrities.

Another face of the internet that I am interested in is social media. I always sign up on them give them a trial and see what they have to offer. Sometimes I come back and sometimes I never go back. I try to figure out how I can benefit by using them or how they waist my time going in circles.

I still enjoy the oldies but goodies. We have the usual television shows, movies, music and books entertainment sector. Guess what? All those now have websites too.

To sum it all up I am interested in web entertainment, web pop culture, and web social media.

How am I going to implement all that interests here? Good question. My answer is that I have been doing that but not in a focused matter. Not in a beneficial matter. It has been fun, yes. But now what?

This time when I am going to share something on a post, it will be more researched. I will try to answer questions. These are examples:
Who is the creator?
When was it created?
What is the niche of the site?
What entertainment it has to offer?
What is my review of the site?
Why I think you would like to visit that site?
All that goes also for social media with the addition on how to make it easier to use?
I will try writing it without using fancy technical words that other web nerds try to confuse us with.

In conclusion the niche for this blog will be about exploring Web Sites, Web Entertainment, and Social Media!

Each post will go through one website that I will come across with a review. Does that sound fun? I hope so…

Write to you soon…

Friday, July 3, 2009

Changing the niche for Fun Lilliy

I have been thinking hard and long on what I want this blog to be about or in the blogging world its niche. In the past, it has been very random, but very fun. I have to admit that it was all over the place. I want it to be more focused but at the same time in a way, that it does not lose its spirit.

It has been two years since I started this blog. I noticed that many of the visitor’s kind of get confused at times how to categorize it. Most blogs I visit even before I read their posts I rather have an idea what to expect. I do not think that is the case here. Therefore, I want to narrow my niche. In order to do so I am going to see what I did enjoy posting through out the two years, and what are my interests in a more focused approach.

One of my passions is traveling and for that, I have launched a separate website Travel Sight with Lilliy as that will be dedicated only to my traveling experiences, photos and videos. Therefore, that is done. Now for my other interests.

Through the next month and so, this blog will be going through major renovation. Implementation of what I am learning will go on in my travel site posts for now. This site however the changes will be after I am ready for it.

I have done so much research and reading on how to improve my blogging and relearning to use the social medias on hand. They are becoming important tools for blogging and communicating with in your preferred blogsphere community. I will share this progression step by step on this blog. I want to learn from others as well so if you have tips, and helping comments, or if you are going through the same thing please share it with all in the comment box.

Sharing interesting topics and web finds will be posted in social media accounts like twitter, and delicious. They are my favorites and I use them all the time. I have a BlogCatalog account from long ago which like this blog hasn’t been active. I am reutilizing that recently. As for my accounts on Digg, stumble upon, and thechnorati I am still learning its usage. I will try to learn how to optimize there use or just ignore them if I did not like them to focus just on a few.

In summary,
1- Renovation processes have started for this blog.
2- Minimizing the niche for this blog. Going for a more focused approach.
3- Reading and learning from the web and other bloggers.
4- Sharing all that I have read with links here.
5- Learning how to use the many social media tools and their tricks here.
6 - Deciding which social media tools are for the long run and which to ignore.
7- Continue my love for sharing but will be focused from now only on twitter and delicious .
8- Continue posting on my travel blog, adding what I learn along the way on my posts on that site until this site is ready.
9- Reconnecting with the blogsphere community with in my niche.
10- Encourage others to give their feedback, comments and their own tips.

I already have a simple theme look that is easy on the eyes. That is crossed out.
My posts will be at the end of the day Jeddah time usually to summaries my browsing so look out for those posts..

Write to you soon..