Friday, February 12, 2010 Official Madagascar 2 Music Video: I Like To Move It

Will-I-Am, Big And Chunky

Moto Moto - Big And Chunky (WHOLE SONG!)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leona Lewis "I See You" video أغنية الفيلم أفاتار ليونا لويس

Looking for a "AVATAR" تبحث عن فيلم ... اءتفرج "على أفاتار

What to do on a weekend in Jeddah... hmmm..
Well, my family and I have a tradition. A movie night. Its a trend really since I was a teenager. We used to rent a movie every weekend, gather all together and watch. Remember the VHS. That trend continued even with marriges, kids and all. I, as you are probably aware by now is a movie fanatic. In montreal I didnt even care if I ever found someone to go with me to the movies or not. Most of the time I went alone on intended. I love movies so much I didnt want to be destracted, wispered to, or pay attention to anyone. I just wanted to watch the movie. Now any one who ever lived in Jeddah or is living in Jeddah have creative ways to get the new movies. Let me just say thank god for the internet or we would have been watching movies only if they came out on DVD or excuse me now I have to start saying Blue ray.. wich could mean months and months. I am sorry I just cant wait all that time.
This weekend the choosen movie was AVATARand it was such an exciting choice because everyone was waiting to see it. It had needed preperations.. the right dinner.. the right drinks.. and the right snacks... It was a great hit! cant wait for the original DVD.. opps Blue Ray to come out to add it to my collection of movies in my liberary.. yes its a keeper for sure...

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