Friday, May 7, 2010

I am in love with the new "Wallis" Maxi Dresses... I bought three!!!

It started with this Maxi Dress from "Wallis" that I needed for an dinner event here in Jeddah last month. Its amazing, light, colorful, and cool just right for the type of weather here which is hot and humid. I couldn't stop wearing it including to my office. I had eyed it and when I finally decided to buy it, my size was out of stock in the Mall near my home. I had the salesman call 3 different stores all over Jeddah to find, and reserve it. It was the first thing to do on my list the next day. It is a buy that I am proud of.

These Maxi dresses are coming up every where her in Jeddah shopping malls mostly in bold bright colors. But I especially love the ones that are coming up in the "Wallis" stores.
I love bold colors that is one of my signature looks. I also kind of like flashy catching your eyes colors. Ahhh may be its all this hot weather around us ha?

The beginning of this month I was getting tired of my usual skirts for the office I wanted something new and something easy to wear without thinking of coordinating pieces together. Once the decision of an upcoming shopping spree was made I just went straight to "Wallis" and found exactly what I wanted, two more prize maxi dresses and I already have my eye on the 4th dress.
This left hand side photo of the bold turquoise dress was the next buy. I wore it the same day. Then this weekend I bought the more neutral colored dress on the right photo.

The last dress on the left side photo is still in my thoughts but the final decission hasn't been made yet, the only thing that is bothering me in this dress is the floating piece on the front. Hmm we'll see if it makes the final cut. Everyone who saw the dresses loved it. I am loving the colors of the fashion that is coming up in stores, its very beach bright oriented. Just right for Jeddah I think.