Monday, October 27, 2008

Dolmabahce and Turkish Word #3

Th Dolmabahce Palace was actually closed on the day that I took the Hop on Hop off Bus tour (Euro 20 per person)which has become kind of like a tradition when ever I arrive to a new city full of touristic sites to see and I just listen to the commentary with the headsets with your chosen language and big list of all the areas to be seen which is almost everything you were looking up in a travel guide book.. its kind of like scanning the places and then deciding which of them to actually make time to go see .. usually these buses have interesting stop points and the next bus would come an hour later.. it had a stop point at this palace which is suppose to be as per the travel guide book says "An Ottman- European Extravaganza " but it was closed that day and I didn't have the time to get back and see the next day.. Next Trip for sure..
Today's Turkish word:
Evet evvet =Yes

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Galata Bridge and Turkish Word #2

Galata Bridge in 1907
I just for some reason find it very interesting to look up these old photos of Istanbul.. This is Galata Bridge in 1907.. these days when the bus tour passes this bridge you can see people fishing and men sitting with small boxes selling fish hooks and necessities for fishing.. I never had the chance to ask if they really eat the fish they catch bec I just find it very odd.. do they do it for sport or do they actually do it to fish to eat these catches.. hmmm...
Todays word:
Hoscakal hoshchuckal =Goodbye.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Lilliy Learning Turkish!

In an attempt to learn a new language and inspired by my recent trip to Istanbul Turkey.. I have decided to learn Turkish.. It suddenly made sense to me to learn this language.. I am a descendant originally from Uzbek origin and never been taught by my parents to speak Uzbek, they were worried that it would confuse me I was already learning Arabic and English at the same time.. so they thought learning a third language would be hard on us.. I still remember my late grandfather who was always proud of our origin talking to us only in Uzbek every time we visited him and when ever I say I don’t understand he would turn to my father and scold him and tell him that it was his fault that we don’t speak Uzbek.. ever since I visited Istanbul in Eid and listening to the Turks with the sounds and the words that are very familiar to me.. and since Turkish is the sibling language of Uzbek.. I found that I have more access to Turkish teaching books.. Cds.. and sites which will help me.. I made my decision I will learn Turkish! so here goes.. my first word..
Merhaba! merhaba = Hello!

Coming soon ..the photos that I took in Istanbul! its a very old city.. full of history.. I was really enchanted and romanced by Istanbul...

Jessica Simpson - Come On Over [Official Music Video]

I think finally she is on the right track to what kind of songs she should be singing.. even though with all the criticism she receives.. looking into all the women that are falling on there faces in her circle of profession she struggled to put her life together without going over board.. till this.. she is giving in to her original roots.. the girl from Dallas Texas.. I grew up listening to country music it started with my moms passion for their songs when we lived in Texas and continued later on even when we moved away from there.. I still love cowgirl hats and cowgirl boots.. I lived there at a time where they still were walking around wearing them. The best outfit to me that I find is still sexy and stylish is a pair of jeans crisp white shirt and a studded belt.. it always comes and goes.. Never really goes out of style.. Enjoy the song..