Monday, December 27, 2010

cause baby tonight...:) DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

Dance... dance... its the last day of your life...

DJ Got Us Fallin' In LoveRaymond v. Raymond

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I cant get this tune out of my head! - Stereo Love

I haven't been able to get this tune out of head since I heard it at Reina in Istanbul at my recent trip..

Friday, December 24, 2010

Yearly Holiday Video Fireplace

To all of you away from a white cold and cozy holiday. This is for you! Have a merry holiday!
But this link is my favourite...
"Holiday Video Fireplace with Tree and Model Train"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Attended a live performance for Bulent Ortacgil with Birsen Tezer

First night in Istanbul to celebrate my birthday trip. We lucked out! we get tickets to attend the rare live performance of one of Turkey well known composers and singer Bulent Ortacagil who according to turks took turkish music to the new age rock.. they just love him there and when we got there and listened to him I understood why..
Birsen Tezer was just also an amazing vocalist she has a great voice and it was soo cute it was her birthday..
Both put together you get a memorable performance it was a special night indeed.. earlier setting having dinner in a restaurant and sitting across was Bulent having dinner with his band and his artistic friends with their long hair and they start singing in deep long "Mowal"... Thats why I love Istanbul so much.. never a dull moment when you are with the right company..
Performance was live at Indigo hidden in one of the back streets near Taksim with this great restaurant just across from it. You would never know that this small club from its simple exterior that it hosts such great artists but it seems well known to Istanbulians young crowd.

And with the amazing Bulent Ortacgil

Live both sound just amazing...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan TV entertainment: Khawateer Season 6

So here goes... First day in Ramadan..First Show to be reviewed.. this is a very anticipated month in the middle east not just because its a holy month when people go through a spiritual month of fasting, and praying. Many people also look forward to the upcoming TV shows entertainment which many of them priemer in this month. All the channels compete to give the best shows, many of these shows have been around for many years.
A popular one is "Khawateer" presented by Al-Shigary who is a Jeddah Native. Which comes on just before Maghrab prayers on MBC1. This year its the shows 6th season. Last year the theme was discussing many social behaviours in Saudi as well as the many good cultural behaviours from Japan. The show was criticized because it was not comparing the muslim behavior of Saudi Arabia with another muslim country. So this year as he explains in the first episode of this year season show. He will be visiting and discussing the cultures and social behaviours of other muslim countries like Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt. He will also be visiting Andalusia and talking about Muslims past accomplishments. He invited a British scientist to discusse Muslim inventions in the past.
"Khawateer" is a very popular show that has a good following of young people and other ages as well. It has mixed reviews. But at the end I think it has a great message with in it. If only people will listen to it closely.
What do you think of the show?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Its party time!!! Black Eyed Peas I Got A Feeling Live HD2

I miss you!!! I love you!!! I always did... I'll be home soon...

Watching it lazy n hotel room TAMPA!!-->La Roux - Bulletproof

It was great to have a very long long sleep after days of not sleeping well. Late check out.. luxurious hotel in Tampa.. Waking up and staying in for breakfast in bed watching TV not having to do anything is just such an amazing feeling right now I cant explain it. I open the TV I found this video playing on it. I had to blog it because I want to remember this moment.
Tampa baby!!! I am staying for a few days to play and just have fun.. will be posting the photos soon on my travel blog.. so stay tuned..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Interesting article at the "Time"...The Science of Cougar S--: Why Older Women Lust

I thought this scientific study was very interesting to read.

The Science of Cougar Sex: Why Older Women Lust

I had a friend who was very interested in specializing in intimacy therapy for couples in the middle east, because its such an under specialized medical specialty in that region. But then she didn't which was a shame because this is a very embarrassing topic to most, and it would have been nice to have the option of counseling in a safe professional medical setting to women by a woman. Under the umbrella of middle eastern culture understanding.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is my dream... just to be able to breath to "Eat.. Pray..Love"

I cant wait for this movie to come out. It had some great reviews and some bad ones. But do you think its unreal or people don't do this kind of thing just as it was critisized. Its not! I know many travel bloggers that have done this or still doing this.. take a year off to find what they really love in life and explore the world that we live in. Do I want to do this? Hell yah!!! Its exactly what I need...

The book was on the best seller list for many many weeks. Every body talked about it...

If you want another great read about leaving everything behind and travel the world for a year then this is another great true story read about three girlfriends who took time away from it all and traveled the world. They had a great blog that I was following before the book came out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I missed Fun Lilliy's 3 years Birthday!!!!

Yes I can’t believe how much time passes by. It’s been 3 years (24th May 2007) exactly since I placed my first post on this blog. I know I have neglected this blog over the past year and half because I have been working more on my travel site and now on my professional social media sites and blog. But I always come back her to talk about the fun things in my life.

So as my birthday gift to Fun Lilliy. I will get her a new dress (a new template design) and declutter the side bars because it looks too busy on the eyes. In the near future I will get her a new custom made design, I have been searching around on the internet and I am seeing so many nice graphic designers with really great affordable rates. I want something cute and stylish just like Fun Lilliy.

So... happy birthday Fun Lilliy.. you have given me so much in so many ways to express my self through you, and at times when I was going through a very rough time, and feeling very low you have given me a resone on some  of those dark days to get out of bed and do something that made me happy and kept my mind of my sorrows.. Thank you... in so many ways you have saved me and helped me to stay who I am with out losing this creative side me...

Friday, May 7, 2010

I am in love with the new "Wallis" Maxi Dresses... I bought three!!!

It started with this Maxi Dress from "Wallis" that I needed for an dinner event here in Jeddah last month. Its amazing, light, colorful, and cool just right for the type of weather here which is hot and humid. I couldn't stop wearing it including to my office. I had eyed it and when I finally decided to buy it, my size was out of stock in the Mall near my home. I had the salesman call 3 different stores all over Jeddah to find, and reserve it. It was the first thing to do on my list the next day. It is a buy that I am proud of.

These Maxi dresses are coming up every where her in Jeddah shopping malls mostly in bold bright colors. But I especially love the ones that are coming up in the "Wallis" stores.
I love bold colors that is one of my signature looks. I also kind of like flashy catching your eyes colors. Ahhh may be its all this hot weather around us ha?

The beginning of this month I was getting tired of my usual skirts for the office I wanted something new and something easy to wear without thinking of coordinating pieces together. Once the decision of an upcoming shopping spree was made I just went straight to "Wallis" and found exactly what I wanted, two more prize maxi dresses and I already have my eye on the 4th dress.
This left hand side photo of the bold turquoise dress was the next buy. I wore it the same day. Then this weekend I bought the more neutral colored dress on the right photo.

The last dress on the left side photo is still in my thoughts but the final decission hasn't been made yet, the only thing that is bothering me in this dress is the floating piece on the front. Hmm we'll see if it makes the final cut. Everyone who saw the dresses loved it. I am loving the colors of the fashion that is coming up in stores, its very beach bright oriented. Just right for Jeddah I think.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I got a BlackBerry! Hooorrray!!!

This is being sent through its email system which is also great! Because I have many email accounts, personal, for friends, professional, and for my travel blogging too along with my subscriptions. I have been thinking always that most likely I was always going to get an iPhone since I am such a big fan of all apple products. But when my Mac broke down and I waited till I was traveling to the USA to fix it, I gave in to the PC because I was able to get a computer for a cheaper price because of the budget at the time. Anyways now - can't live without both of my computers the PC and my fixed Mac. Now in KSA everyone or let's say most people are carrying the BB (short for BlackBerry) especially with the special offer from STC of SR99/month. Its the never ending battle between the PC and the Mac and now between the BB and the iPhone. For now in my house the BB is on the lead. What's on the lead in your house? Or in your work? If ever that is a fair question since most companies want their workers to be carrying the BB. Write to you soon...
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from Aljawal

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leona Lewis "I See You" video أغنية الفيلم أفاتار ليونا لويس

Looking for a "AVATAR" تبحث عن فيلم ... اءتفرج "على أفاتار

What to do on a weekend in Jeddah... hmmm..
Well, my family and I have a tradition. A movie night. Its a trend really since I was a teenager. We used to rent a movie every weekend, gather all together and watch. Remember the VHS. That trend continued even with marriges, kids and all. I, as you are probably aware by now is a movie fanatic. In montreal I didnt even care if I ever found someone to go with me to the movies or not. Most of the time I went alone on intended. I love movies so much I didnt want to be destracted, wispered to, or pay attention to anyone. I just wanted to watch the movie. Now any one who ever lived in Jeddah or is living in Jeddah have creative ways to get the new movies. Let me just say thank god for the internet or we would have been watching movies only if they came out on DVD or excuse me now I have to start saying Blue ray.. wich could mean months and months. I am sorry I just cant wait all that time.
This weekend the choosen movie was AVATARand it was such an exciting choice because everyone was waiting to see it. It had needed preperations.. the right dinner.. the right drinks.. and the right snacks... It was a great hit! cant wait for the original DVD.. opps Blue Ray to come out to add it to my collection of movies in my liberary.. yes its a keeper for sure...

Avatar official Movie website
Amazon AVATAR Store

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Up in the Air performed live by Kevin Renick أغنية الفيلم تؤدى بمؤلف الأغنية كيفين رينيك

One of the main songs of the film "Up In The Air" performed live by the writer of the song and performed by him.

The lonely film "UP IN THE AIR" George Clooney amazing! فيلم مؤثر عن حياة وحيدة فوق السحاب مع جورج كلوني وأداء مؤثر

I just finished watching this movie Up In The Air
and I have really enjoyed it. Anyone who is on the move sometimes we feel like we are actually living in airports and I used to say it "Riding the plane to me is like taking a bus at a bus stop" I don't see the lines anymore and the procedures and the lines seem so natural to go through. I am automatic.. heck most of the times my bag was unpacked because I am flying again soon. Is it a lonely life.. yes just like the film portrayed. Anyone who is looking for a new good story in a film. I think will get it by watching this movie. I thought that the pace of the film would be slow but it wasn't.
It really hit my interest when you listen to all the stories of the people that are being laid off... the stories are real the fears were real... the need of hope was real...
All in all a superb movie worth all the good reviews and nominations that it had received.

George Clooney in Up in The Air Movie official movie website.
To check out the soundtrack at Amazon click on the link below

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I saw it! I loved it! "Sherlock Holmes" The Movie

Sherlock Holmes ... Where do I start... the actors, the music, the cinematography, and the director.... Just pure amazing till now I saw it twice and I don't mind seeing it for the third time in one week. I would say to any one who hasn't seen yet.. "What are you waiting for! if you like movies.. you will for sure enjoy this movie!"
Take a look at the trailer yourself...

SHERLOCK HOLMES The Movie (2009) the official movie website
If you would like to listen to the sound track you can at this link below

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year YouTube (2010)

Happy new year every one!

كل عام و أنتم بخير Happy New Year!!!! 2010!!

لأول مرة أكتب بللغة العربية لأنة أخيرا تعلمت كيف أ ستخدم الكيبورد العربي في الكمبيوتر.... وهزه أول مرة أكتب في المدونة الخاصة بي كتجربة....