Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is important in life? is it life it self or is it how you lived life?

In my vision after all the disappointments and triumphs that I have been through.. its how you lived your life may it be short or long.. but what does a person conceder a good life.. what does a person when you close your eyes forever what would be the last thought the last memory the last vision you see go though your mind before there is that forever moment of silence.. before you are not of this earth no more..
Is it what you thought it was important ? did you live the way you defined a happy life or did you live it as how other people define it?.. what you were suppose to do suppose to live... was your life defined by others or did you really make it your own..
Were you loved or were you hated?.. is how you were remembered important is it really the legacy that you leave behind? does it mean that way you have lived on?
Questions that no one will know till you see that last vision go through your eyes..
If you only had a few months to live do you think your opinion about what important in life changes? would you really see your triumphs as triumphs or your failures as failures or would you think that all that was silly to waist your precious life on? did you live your life selfishly stepping on people all the way telling your self that your life is the only thing that matters or if you gave love to others and you will missed because you loved and was loved is at the end was what really did matter?
To me living life going through its motions answering my animalistic needs isn't what life was all about... I dont think that the last vision would be what you roboticly did, eat, drink, sleep, had sex, worked... it wouldn't be the things you done going through the motions.. it would be the feelings that made you happy the faces of the people you will miss and who will miss you.. the love that you have given and the love that you have received.. it would not be of the person you just slept with or ate with or had a drink with.. it would be of the people who you loved and loved you.. that is the real essence of the life you lived that is what you leave behind and what you will take with you even in your silence...

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Life and the secrets we hide....

I found this so captivating because it makes you think how big sometimes the things that we cant admit to others and sometimes not even to our selves.. thats why some people embed it deep into their subconscious... but when you finally do tell a secret that sometimes hunts you thats when the other person finally has a window deep down into your soul.. but I think we all are afraid of being judged what ever we say to other people that we dont care or how ever much we deny it even sometimes to our selves the secret that we keep is that small hidden window that we keep so securely locked with in.. so are you afraid of your secrets.. how much does it eat you inside and need to share it.. do you think that it might relive a little of its burden like the need of these people to share even to complete strangers...

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