Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007 and Hello 2008!!!

This is last years Fireworks in London.. I choose this because hopefully next year I really want to go for the holidays and spend it in London.. London is one of my favorite cities in the world.. so that the plan..
To every one HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Don't Celebrate too hard and if you are don't forget to get a designated driver :)
Tomorrow is a new day a new year a new life and a new page.. so looking forward to it.. I don't make any resolutions but I always wish the upcoming year would be even better than this year.
I wish all of you a good upcoming year...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

When he becomes a Sadist

Link to : When he becomes a Sadist at DRLILLIY
I don't know to cry or look at the mirror in the morning with a face that is bruised from the tears that I sheded all night and wonder in astonishment how did he become who he is now and when he lifted the mask and showed his real self.. a sadist ................

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ohh no.. Bhutto was killed...

This is from Reuters:
Dec. 27 - Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is dead at the age of 54 after being subject to a gun and bomb attack at a political rally in Pakistan.

As a Western educated woman in an Islamic society, and the first female Prime Minister of a Muslim country, Bhutto forged many new paths in a turbulent political career which spanned decades.

Karen Noack reports.

Ohh this so sad I always thought she was such a brave woman to stand up the way she did for what she belived in, in a world thats hard for a woman to have such a strong voice.. she knew her life was always constantly in dangour but she still fought for what she stands for..

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Fun Lilliy YouTube Selection The Classic Movie " Its A Wonderful Life"

This Movie has always been on TV when ever I sat and flipped through the channels in North America each year around this time I would be wearing something warm watching snow out the balcony with a hot coco or cinnamon hot cider (which I always buy a can of its mix from Second Cup, I love these things) in hand and covered with my red blanket relaxing in-front of the TV especially if I wasn't on call.. The funny thing is that I never seen it all the way through, I used to only see parts of it but never the ending.. I heard so much about it, they even had it on "Friends" when Febe in the episode about " Old Yeller " had told the story that her mom always closed the video just before they kill the dog.. after she finds that out Febe goes and rents all the sad movies out there, sees their endings and becomes depressed.. to cheer her up her friends gave her this movie and told her that not all endings are sad.. so because I never seen the whole movie all the way through and because some of my friends who are on call at this time at the hospital who might not be able to see this TV tradition I am posting this Movie tonight so we can all watch it together..
This is the playlist link on atarumyth Channel on YouTube if you wanted to be able to view it full screen mode :
It`s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Added: Its a bummer the playlist is not available any more on YouTube that account has been suspended. Thats why I placed a few clips of the Movie on this current player..

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Friday, December 21, 2007

A Holiday Greeting Card From Fun Lilliy

Happy Holidays!!! To all My Friends, Fellow Bloggers, and BlogCatalog Friends and to their Families who are Celebrating this Holiday seasone.. May it be Filled with Joy and Happiness!
This is the link to the E-Card on YouTube:
Disco Holiday!!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eid Mobarak And Hajj Mabrore!!!

Hi everyone..
I am sorry I am posting this a day late but I didn't have internet connection yesterday..
EID MOBARAK EVERYONE!!!! and Hajj Mabrore to everyone who was able to perform Hajj this year..
What did you do on the first day of Eid? I hope you had a good one!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fun Lilliy Celebrating Post Number 100!!!!

Hi every one.. This is my post Number 100!!!!
I had been thinking long on what to write on this special post.. I thought the best would be just to talk about my blog.. what better.. right?
I am really happy about this because I have seen myself change in regards to my posts since I first started Fun Lilliy.
The choice of the name came about from that Lilliy is my nickname and Fun was because I have to be very serious during my work hours and being in the medical field which can take over your whole life, I thought this would be my more relaxed side.. the Fun side.. Fun Lilliy was actually empty for months after I signed up for it, till I placed my first post which was in conjunction with me discovering how fun YouTube is, I had signed up for my own channel, and learned how easy it was to post directly from it to my blog..
My first post I wanted it to be something that reflects me, and who I am so I placed Uzbek songs and videos from YouTube..
The first person to comment was actually my friend IYM ( she had encouraged me to start my own blog for a long time since she had her own blog and really been enjoying it) and then this blog just took a life of its own. I was just posting things that I thought were fun to share with my friends only, to now actually trying to create my own things .. I used to not know what to post.. but now I have to pace my self not to post too much because I have so much I want to share, and write..
I have to be thankful for this blog it had helped me to discover better how other people think.. I got to read blogs from different cultures and it made me more in touch with the events, news, opinions and thoughts from around the globe, not just from where I come from.. it made me read a lot more, and taken me out of the loop of being just stuck to reading medical books and journals.. I am now more opinionated and it is exhilarating to post my own opinions and share them with others in things that I am interested in.. it broaden further my horizons and views about the world and about others.. Fun Lilliy, and the blog sphere fellow bloggers have helped me to keep my mind off my troubles and still put a smile on my face on my worst days and troubled times..
Now I try to think and research a lot about the topic I have in mind.. I used to read very few news papers and websites but now I have extended it to many more.. everything these days is made available online and making articles, videos and links easy to post also made it more exciting to post on the blog.. I take more photos, and this had become a hobby that I really really enjoy.. especially that I am able to share it with others and get to see other bloggers photos.. some even are giving tips on photography.. I have my digital camera in my purse now all the time, I never leave home with out it..
Fun Lilliy has helped me to grow in other ways I didn't think about before.. I am thankful for it and I am thankful for the fellow bloggers who keep me on my feet because of there amazing blogs that made me want to be a better blogger too...
So CHEERS to my next 100 posts, to readers and to all fellow bloggers!!!!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Love in Sri Lanka..

I had heard that Sri Lanka is paradise to be explored.. and a romantic exotic destination to some.. seeing this video made me wonder if it is worth a visit some day..
Also there are The Maldives Islands which some couples go to for their honeymoon and it is close by... which is a dream of mine to go and see.. I love Islands and anything on a beach front.. I think its so romantic..
I have never been to the far east.. but because of my love for travel.. I would love to see a lot of it hopefully in the future..
Do you have a list of the places that you want to see before you die? What is your top ten that you haven't seen yet and hope that you would get to in your lifetime? if you tell me yours I tell you mine..

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Born To Be Wild-!! one of my favorite songs on my Birthday!!! to share with all of my friends..

This is the original song by Steppenwolf- Born to Be Wild- Easy Rider (lol..dont mind the 60s hairdos..)

This is the more modern version done by Hinder - Born To Be Wild - NASCAR on TNT

I think this song explains the way of life of anyone who is free spirited.. so I dedicate this song to any woman out there that has a sprit of being who ever she is and not afraid of showing it to the whole world.. saying THIS IS ME !!!!
I think my parents didn't quite expected me when I was born as their first child to be the way I am, I was and still am a handful-!! but I am who I am and my life was never boring.. so I am thankful for this life..

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fun Lilliy YouTube Wed Night Selection The Silent Classic Movie " The Sheik " (1921)

This was the first time I ever seen a complete silent movie.. but I had heard so much about Rudolph Valentino These paragraphs are from Wikipedia:
Rudolph Valentino (May 6, 1895 – August 23, 1926) was an Italian actor. He was born Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Piero Filiberto Guglielmi in Castellaneta, Italy, to a middle-class family. In the 1920s, Valentino was known as a Latin sex symbol......
As a child, Valentino was spoiled and troublesome. He did poorly in school and constantly had to transfer to avoid being failed. He mainly did poorly because he would skip class or not pay attention....
In 1912, he left for Paris where he spent less than a year before losing his money and asking his mother to send him funds to return to Italy. When he returned to Italy he was unable to secure employment and everyone was sure he would never succeed in life. His uncles decided he should be sent to the United States where they felt he could learn to be a man.....
he changed his name from Rodolfo Guglielmi to several variations of 'Rudolph Valentino', partly to avoid association with the earlier scandal and partly because Americans had trouble pronouncing Guglielm...
Valentino ( casted) as a male lead in her next film The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Released in 1921, the film was a commercial and critical...It also led to his iconic role in The Sheik and The Son of the Sheik...
Women loved him and thought him the epitome of romance. However, American men were very threatened and would walk out of his movies in disgust.
On August 15, 1926, Valentino collapsed at the Hotel Ambassador in New York City. He was hospitalized at the Polyclinic in New York and underwent surgery for a perforated ulcer.The surgery went well and he seemed to be recovering when peritonitis set in and spread throughout his body. He died eight days later, at the age of 31. An estimated 100,000 people lined the streets of New York City to pay their respects at his funeral

I had seen once a movie mad about him and his life which was very interesting and sad at the same time.. This Movie " The Sheik " was the movie that made him a timeless silent movie legend.. I thought it was entertaining especially the way they portrait The Arab Man, The Arabs, and their culture in those times .. like most legends he had died young at the age of 31.. there is a clip at the end of the movie about his death..
I hope you too find my selection intresting too..
But please answer me this question.. Have you ever seen a silent movie before? What was its name? Did you like it?

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun Lilliy Question: Do Men Buy Lingerie For Their Women?

When I was in high school a friend of mine told me about an odd tradition in their family (or tribe) that the fiance when he and his family are brining gifts for his feature bride he usually places the lingerie he would like her to wear on their wedding night at the bottom of the wrapping full of cloths or fabric (in those days and till now but less so, a lot of the women cloths were tailored by a tailor, the style would be chosen from a fashion magazine and they used to choose certain fabrics and give it to a tailor and it was made into the dress she wants) which used to be custom to be give by the groom..
I see sometimes some men come into lingerie stores and start choosing things.. but I also noticed they try to avoid looking at people shopping around them.. I know in the west the men are more comfortable buying it I think?..
So are men comfortable buying lingerie for their women? are some embarrassed if they did? do they admit it? or do they like it to be kept a secret? or do they just like that the woman chooses it her self and thats that and would never venture into that world or be seen there buying on his own?
Women!.... what do you think do you like receiving such a gift chosen by your man? Do you mind it if he goes to the lingerie store?
I found this on "Telegraph TV" , if you are a man and want to buy lingerie, this is a video for you "Lingerie: a man's guide"

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Fun Lilliy YouTube Selection The Podcast " Avian Flu " a.k.a. The Bird Flu...

I know this is not my usual " Fun " selection but because I was asked to write on my blog some info about "The Bird Flu" which has affected a lot of the birds in KSA, a lot of people had asked me to post information on it.. so I found these informative podcasts to go through ( I am a very visual person so I tend to like videos and podcasts ).. I have also gathered some articles on Fun Lilliy under the tag "Bird-Flu" or "Avian-Flu" , and I will put a concise summery on the subject with in the next few days.. for now just for you to get an idea, I am posting these clips ( by the way it was made by Vets but they included information on human infection which is why I started with part 3 first, and they did a good job on their podcast)

A very informative site with good information on The Bird Flu ( that I recommend looking at) is on which has information to non medical people, but they are thorough. This is the link:
Bird Flu on
When I looked up the WHO site and their updates on the Avian Influenza I didn't see any Confirmed Human Cases of Avian Influenza A/(H5N1) Reported to WHO in KSA in their Dec 4, 2007 report.
They had a nice video on The Global Influenza Surveillance that you can watch if you are interested.
The WHO is monitoring what is being done in KSA with regards The Bird Flu outbreak which is reported to be within birds only, no reports of any human infections. Here is the link to the article in Arabnews:
WHO Monitoring Kingdom’s Fight Against Bird Flu

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fun Lilliy Blog Mentioned in The "Los Angeles Times"

So yesterday I googled "Fun Lilliy" and came across a mention on one of my posts "mission:fashion07 on LBC... Havent they heard about Anorexia Nervosa killing Models!!" in the " Los Angeles Times" in this post "Sexy models take Lebanon"
The show has not been without controversy. Blogger Fun Lilliy, criticizes the show for giving air-time to super-skinny models.
"Haven't they heard about Anorexia Nervosa which in some countries they are actually fighting the Fashion industry against promotion of excessive weight loss...and isn't part of the Arabic woman's appeal...her curves[?]"

Ha ha! someone is reading my posts out there.. :)
I am glad that it was mentioned that not all of us find super skinny models sexy.. I like the look of healthy models not anorexic ones..

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fun Lilliy Question: Do you read the book before the film? or you just wait for the film to come out then find out what the story is?

So what is it..
Do you always try to read the book before the film?
Do wait for the film to find out what the bestseller story is and just dont read the book?
Do you see the film then read the book?
or you dont care.. and just play it by ear?

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Movie " The Kite Runner" .. much awaited movie..

I haven't seen The Movie yet... but I am really waiting for it to be available, it will be in theaters this coming Dec 14th 2007.. The trailers seem that they have done a good job making Khaled Hosseini`s book novel " The Kite Runner" if you haven't read the book yet I highly recommend that you do (even with the disturbing part in the book).. its still would be nice to read it as the Author had written it with his own words before you see the movie
This is an interview with him :

here is the trailer for the movie on YouTube:

These are the official movie websites:
" The Kite Runner" Official Site
Apple Trailers " The Kite Runner" you can see it in HD on this Apple Site.. which is my personal favorite because may be I am just an Apple fan..
also in the news there is a buzz on the actors in the movie that needed to be moved from Afghanistan to the UAE because there is a possible danger on them for acting in this film which was filmed in China.. here is the link to The New York Times Article:
‘Kite Runner’ Boys Are Sent to United Arab Emirates
Published: December 3, 2007
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 2 — The “Kite Runner” boys are safely out of Kabul. After months of worrying and diplomatic wrangling from half a world away, the movie studio that is releasing the tale of childhood betrayal, ethnic tension and sexual predation in Afghanistan has whisked to safety four young actors. They were feared to be vulnerable to reprisal because of the film’s depiction of a culturally inflammatory rape scene.
The boys, each accompanied by a relative, arrived in the United Arab Emirates on Friday just after 3 a.m. Eastern time, said officials working with the studio, Paramount Pictures. The movie’s release had been delayed by six weeks to allow time for them to be relocated. It will open on Dec. 14 in 30 markets.

I dont understand though why they had to use actors that are young boys from the same country as the one in the novel and put them in possible danger like that.. but as in the article the production company says that they will help them.. so I just hope they stick to helping them..
Added: Have you read the book? if you didn't read it do you think you will , just wait for the movie, or you wont do either?

Added: Dec 18th, 2007

The premier of the film was in Dubai, UAE on the last day of The 4th Dubai International Film Festival which was on Dec 16th, 2007 just two days ago.. there were many interviews done by the author who came to the premier and director Marc Forster who said
"I felt the story in the book will shine a light on Afghanistan, and it felt like there was a new beginning, so it never crossed my mind that any of these children would be in danger," he said.
in an interview with abc News " Behind the Controversial Scenes of 'The Kite Runner'
Director Marc Forster: 'It Never Crossed My Mind' That Child Actors Would be Put in Danger"

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What is on top of Your " To Do List " List 5 !

I found this on Blogger Buzz its about blogger Sasha Cagen’s to-do list blog who also made a book out of her collection of peoples to-do list

So what is on top of your current to-do list.. write it down how ever silly it might be or not silly, write at least 5 of them.. if you write yours then I`ll write mine..

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Fun Lilliy Weekend Woman Delight ( Men you can try it too get in touch with your feminine side)

I always from time to time when I am overwhelmed by work or life .. I try to make a whole day just for me where I just concentrate on my self and my enjoyments.. I try to break the routine.. usually I choose a whole weekend day to do it... that day I dont think about work or troubles.. I think about me and what makes me happy and work on some things to learn or relax.. usually after a day like that I reboot and feel much more energized to deal with the stress in life.. so here some ideas for the women and some of it also works for the men, so please try it too....

#1 GOOD Night Sleep
So start with getting a good night sleep the night before..
- Turn off the alarm and the phone at night so you are not bothered ..
- Have a nice chamomile tea
- Place a candle light something like plain tea candles available at any IKEA or even a scented candle from The Body Shop or Aveda..
- Rub on some calming message oil I recommend Aveda Personal blends message formula which you can mix your own blend or any Lavender base Message oil or cream from your favorite products..

#2 GOOD Breakfast
- Dont rush out to go out today make time and prep something for your self and enjoy it in your PJ`s with your cup of coffee or tea in your favorite Mug and sit back and enjoy it ..
- Here is a suggestion if you like fruits and oats taken from its guilt free you will enjoy that you are eating something really good for you..

Apple-Cinnamon Compote With Toasted Oats

Choose the best buy of the day for your fruit compote, be it peaches, nectarines or apples.
( Note: I add to my oatmeal sometimes my favorite dry fruits or nuts too it keeps you feeling full for a while too )


1/3 cup rolled oats (not instant)
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup packed light brown sugar
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
4 McIntosh apples, peeled, cored and sliced into 8 wedges each
1/3 cup raisins


Preheat oven to 350F.

Spread oats on a baking sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes, until golden, shaking the pan halfway through cooking to promote even toasting; set aside.

Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, combine water, sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon. Set pan over medium heat and simmer 5 minutes, stirring occasionally with a wire whisk. Add apple slices and raisins, cover and simmer 5 minutes, until apples are tender. Spoon compote into four individual bowls; top with toasted oats.

(Serves: 4 (1 cup = 1 serving), Prep Time: 5 min. Cook Time: 10 min. Nutrition Score per serving: Calories 205 % Fat 4g Fat<1 (0 g saturated) % Carbs 93g Carbs47.5 % Protein 3g Protein 1.6 g Fiber 4mg Sodium n/a % Calcium n/a g Calcium n/a)

#3 Fashion is fun for me but read or look up whatever interest you and enjoy just dont read the news its suppose to be a fun day no sad news
Style is important for me and I look at it as part of taking care of my self...

I thought this was interesting it was made in The Great Wall of China

Anna Sui to me is a fun designer I like some of her pieces:

# 4 Plan something calming to do
-If the weather permits go outside for a while and walk around
-if not then choose something indoors a museum or window shopping dont shop because you want to do something calming
-if you dont feel like going outside then do yoga or pilate

This is Yoga for Beginners with Tara Stiles

#5 Enjoy your favorite Music and Dance around and just Celebrate Your Self

Timbaland - The Way I Are OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

I hope you enjoy my selection on what I like to do sometimes when I get overwhelmed and need time just to think about my self and reboot...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun Lilliy YouTube Wed Night Selection The Movie "Sleepless in Seattle"

This is the whole movie on this player in parts.. so if you want to see it on your desk you can..

Girls if you are looking for a nice feel good Chick Flick ( they even make fun of chick flicks in this movie in part 8 of the playlist).. This is one of my recommendations for a nice DVD Girls Night In with Pop corn and a long nice drink on the couch.. especially when there is a snow storm.. or ha-ha.. a sand storm depends wheres your location on google map.. :)

Guys this is also for you if you had a fight with your girl and you want to make it up for her and get her mind of what you've done.. she will be in the mood for a hug afterwards and ahhhhh.... believe me you`ll thank me..

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Monday, November 26, 2007

In celebration of putting me in a great mood being complimented today by a man as a " Pretty Woman " you`ll always be Lilliy.. Thanks you know who:)

I am placing one of my favorite songs... What else " Pretty Woman "
Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy orbison 1964
"Pretty woman, walkin down the street, pretty woman
The kind I like to meet, pretty woman
I dont believe you, youre not the truth
No one could look as good as you. mercy!
Pretty woman, wont you pardon me? pretty woman,
I couldnt help but see, pretty woman, that you look lovely as can be.
Are you lonely just like me? wow!
Pretty woman, stop awhile.
Pretty woman, talk awhile
Pretty woman, give your smile to me.
Pretty woman, yeah, yeah, yeah
Pretty woman, look my way
Pretty woman, say youll stay with me
cause I need you, Ill treat you right
Come with me baby, be mine tonight
Pretty woman, dont walk on by
Pretty woman, dont make me cry
Pretty woman, dont walk away, hey, o.k.
If thats the way it must be, o.k.
I guess Ill go on home. its late.
Therell be tomorrow night, but wait!
What do I see? is she walking back to me?
Yeah, shes walking back to me, oh, oh,
Pretty woman."

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! Its to all you women out there not being appreciated for being great.. There are the good out there that do..

Pretty Woman_ Roy Orbison

The way they just play that electric guitar is really nice..

of course wont be complete without the Movie " Pretty Woman" this is one of my favorite scene in the movie the other is when they are in the Opera..
Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman - Vivian Dressing Up

While I was looking up " Pretty Woman" on YouTube I found also this I just cant resist posting it..
Pretty Woman (Kal Ho Na Ho) "With Eng Subs"

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4th Dubai International Film Festival!.. I wish I had the chance to see it..

So.. of-course they have to lead when it comes to Entertainment and Cultural activities.. Dubai will have DIFF a Film Festival soon during Decamber 9th till the 16th 2007.. watch the " Show Reel " that they have on their site.. Dubai is the perfect place to host such an event in the Middel East.. from " Show Reel " video it does look with out a doubt that it has the luxurious signature known to the Gulf region and particular Dubai.. because it is like the point that links between the East and West.. and a chance for the Arab Film Makers and the Arabic Cinema industry to take part and get some spot light..
As every one knows about me and from reading my blog .. I am a Big Big movies fan.. I just Love Movies.. I really wish that I will one day have the chance to attend one of Dubai`s Film Festivals..
This is also the link to YouTube CNN report about last years " Bobby " film press conference during DIFF:
"Bobby" Press Conference in Dubai Film Festival

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Eurostar in Europe better than planes..

I long learned the joy of traveling by train in Europe because that is my fathers favorite travel vehicle in Europe for many reasons one is to set back and enjoy the ride without the hassle of concentrating on the road and trying not to miss the right exit, it was faster, less hassle than handling a car or getting on and off a plane with checking in your bags or checking it out and dont have to deal with plane delays.. you can move around on the train while enjoying Europe's scenery.. now with the Eurostar especially that I was able to enjoy it traveling around Italy by Eurostar Italia in my recent trip, less hassle with all the security measures in Airports this clip proved my point..

I didn't know about the motorbike taxis in Paris that is for sure I will try it my next trip to paris.. exciting!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When I just heard about this on the News I couldnt say anything other than cry.....

Please dont comment on this post .. because I cant bare to read any more about it.. we all know how we feel .. but I had to say something about this Woman and I hope that she will be able to survive this... its the story of a 19 year old Qatif woman who was Gang Raped and she is punished with lashes and jail...
These are the Links:
You can watch the videos on International World
Saudi rape victim punished

Read the story on Arab News:
A Slap in the Face of Justice

The story on BBC news
Saudis back rape victim sentence

"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" and Your Gona Love Me...I dont want to be Free..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun Lilliy Yoga Choices for the week

So in an attempt to calm down my life and because I was trying to put an effort to take care of my self and make time to concentrate on me..
I wanted to change my exercise routine and look into Yoga ( also to join the efforts of my friends IYM and Sammo who have started yoga classes without me :P )
Since you can find everything in the net.. ha ha... including Yoga of-course ( there are some exercise on YouTube, Google Video and Shape dot com are some examples )
This was most interesting and I will try it out .. Yoga for menstruating and PMSing women!!! is this the solution to end all of our fights, endless tears, and crying for no reason.. maybe.. even though I cant see me doing yoga when I am angry ( like saying in the middle of the fight.. look I have to go do some yoga now.. ohhmmm...) because during those times I think deep inside I want to be angry..... but I will try.. So if you would like to try it out too then do but as they say " please consult your doctor before doing so .. and the rule is.. if it hurts stop! and do it at your own risk "
So here goes...
An Introduction to Yoga for Menstruating Women

Added: I have removed the actual video and placed the link because every time I open my blog it starts running on its own.. so if you want to try this Yoga session ( which I really liked ) then just click on the link above.

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On This Day in History November 20 " 1947: Queen Elizabeth II marries Prince Phillip"

60 years side by side through all those troubling times the good and the bad..

This is the CBS news video report Link
Queen's Diamond Anniversary
Its so sweet they are going to Malta to celebrate their Anniversary..

also this is the link to BBC world news YouTube Channel ( sorry cant embed it )
Queen celebrates anniversary

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Mark your calender " Kalam Nawam " Topic on " The Discussion about Medical Students in KSU not to train on a patient from the opposite gender!!!"

Now this is something for sure I `ll watch because frankly I didn't know about it... and Im glad I studied when that question didn't apply..
according to next weeks show listing it said on MBC dot netthis"سيدات نواعم"
"سيدات نواعم" يناقشن تحريم التدريب السعودي على الجنس الآخر
وفي الحلقة ذاتها - التي تبث مساء الأحد 25 نوفمبر في تمام الساعة 9.30 بتوقيت السعودية ( 6.30 مساء بتوقيت غرينتش) - يناقش البرنامج موضوع الفتوى التي حرمت على طلاب الطب في "جامعة الملك سعود بالسعودية من مزاولة التدريب المهني على الجنس الآخر بحسب جنس كل طبيب .

I would be really interested in this discussion and also what do you think about that? would you go to such a doctor if you knew this was his/her training in Medical school..
How can we be complete Medical Doctors and expect to be accredited internationally if this will be the case when you are training in this Medical School.. I dont know if that rule has been applied yet but honestly?
it will be next Sun 25 nov 9:30p.m. KSA time on MBC 1

Added: I saw the show and I was very disappointed by the way they handled their discussions.. their train of thoughts was very disorganized.. Thumb Down..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

" Lead in Lipstick " on ABC news and The New York Times...

This is the link to ABC news video report:
Lead in Lipstick
" Levels of lead have been detected in randomly selected samples of lipsticks.

And I have read it before in The New York Times in this article:
The Claim: Some Red Lipstick Brands Contain High Lead Levels

"The list of products that were tested in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Study, along with the full report, are available online at "

I truly think the report is worth taking a look at.. because there is a warning especially for pregnant women..

This is a post on YouTube By "Dr. Evelyn A. Mauss, a leading figure in the exploration of the dangers of lead poisoning, physiologist at New York University and consultant to the Natural Resources Defense Council, explains how lead came to be widely used in various products -- from paint to plumbing --its toll in illness and death, and what must still be done to eliminate this threat to public health."

"MTV set to rock the Middle East" to launch today

Added: By the way the first I read about it was on fellow blogger "United Blogging Emirates " Post MTV Arabia

mission:fashion07 on LBC... Havent they heard about Anorexia Nervosa killing Models!!

I was watching yesterday Mission:Fashion 07 ( who puts on an entertaining show ) on the LBC channel and when they were commenting on some of the models.. who actually got the highest marks on there evaluations and are healthy thin they commented " She didn't loss the weight she was asked to loss" and " she lost the weight she was asked to loss" ..
Hello what is that?..
I was looking at those models they looked great.. Haven't they heard about Anorexia Nervosa which in some countries they are actually fighting the Fashion industry against promotion of excessive weight loss because so many young girls and especially models are dying from Anorexia Nervosa which is a killing disease.. and isn't part of the Arabic Woman appeal is her curves..
Why are we always promoting things that the west have learnt of its harm and are trying to fix it, and thats when we take it and promote the harmful part. Why cant we learn from there mistakes..
This reminds me of sunbathing.. it was started as a big trend in Jeddah just when everywhere in the world they were advertising sun-protection and sun-blocks to prevent skin cancer and premature aging..
A healthy weight is required not Obesity not Anorexia Please!

To prove that Twiggy is out I found this on The Tyra Banks Show:

Friday, November 16, 2007

Atmosphere: Arctic Abyss... This is one of my favorite podcasts that I always play on my Video iPod..

" Experience the seemingly space-like atmosphere under the ice in the depths of the Arctic. "

its captivating.. the other Atmosphere NG podcasts are also nice I used to place them when I went to the library to study.. they just place the cameras on a certain scene for 15- 30 min and just takes to that place let you experience it as is...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fun Lilliy YouTube Wednesday Night Playlist selection!! The Movie " The Way We Were "

I just LOVE Movies ( old and new) both in cinemas and DVD..
This is one of my all time favorite movies ..I was surprised to find the whole movie in parts on YouTube.. Im a big fan of YouTube!
I think part 1 doesn't play well all the time, if so, just jump to part 2.. I placed all parts (the whole movie) in order in this playlist.. so Enjoy!!
I highly recommend to rent or borrow this movie if you haven't seen it before ( or just see it here ).. its a classic!
I know the gals would love it if they haven't seen it already.. we quote it just like guys quote " The Godfather " or " Scar Face "
What is your favorite movie?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh No !!! Not our hairbands too!!

This is the link to what was posted by fellow blogger Dotsson
Crazy Chinese Make Hair Bands From Used Condoms
and this is the link to the original article on Yahoo! news:
China recycling used condoms as cheap hair bands
Mon Nov 12, 10:48 PM ET
BEIJING (AFP) - Used condoms are being recycled into hair bands in southern China, threatening to spread sexually-transmittable diseases they were originally meant to prevent, state media reported Tuesday.
......... "People could be infected with AIDS, (genital) warts or other diseases if they hold the rubber bands or strings in their mouths while waving their hair into plaits or buns," the paper quoted a local dermatologist who gave only his surname, Dong, as saying. "

This is soo gross and such a health hazzard.. the problem now is that everything you touch is " made in china " its in everything..

Monday, November 12, 2007

WIDE ANGLE |Excerpt | PBS " Kalam Nawaem" on PBS

In this clip it actually looks exactly like " The View " but anyways.. I have still to see.. The topic that is discussed by them in this clip is intresting..

" Kalam Nawaem " .. am I disappointed or am I impressed?

So finally I saw " Kalam Nawaem "
I had written the date and time down.. and when the time approached .. I prepared my salad.. to sit and watch it while I was eating.. and I came up to the main TV sitting room at the precise time only to find my sisters have settled in and placed a movie to watch... so I said " I have a show to see " then my sister said " why to watch or to criticize? " so I laughed because by now my sisters know me well and I said " to criticize.." that got me thinking.. why did I want to set my mind only to criticism?.. I guess because I have been disappointed in the arabic shows that are made for arabic women by the way they tackle the issues that concern us .. I wanted to see something that is modern, creative not imitative, intelligent with the arabic stamp on it ( the good stamp) that is nicely produced and directed.. Soo do you think I found it? and do I give it the thumbs up ? or down? ..
First I`ll say what my likes and dislikes.
The title was creative.. leaks of arabic femininity..
The presenters, I like that they come form different parts of the arab world, it gives it a good mix to appeal to many arabic women ( I didn't see the Saudi presenter Muna Abu Suleiman during this episode hopefully next time ) I myself have always been a fan of Dr. Fawziah Salamah and Rania Barghoot.
Dr. Fawziah Salamah has been an icon in the arabic magazine " Sayedaty " and I have read for her since I was a teenager, so I liked her. Even the issue that she choose to discuss on this show " The Disabled and Handicapped in The Arab World " is a good topic, but they should have been given extra time to the specialist who came on, more than the time they gave the singer Yara because the issue he was talking about was more important, and I would have liked to see the info and contact info being available to the viewers, what are the resources available ? where? during the show..
Rania Barghoot has been in MBC since it creation from the beginning, always enjoyed the way she presents and how she captures the viewers attention, that talent is still there..
The actress Farah Bseiso, she was praising more than talking. I still dont have an opinion of her.. including the other lady ( which I dont even know who she was ).
The topics and segments presented had a good mixture between entertainment and important issues to some point, but I would like to see more than this .. Sometimes the show had a slow pace especially during the interviews and the MCQ part ( what was that?) they gave to the singer Yara.. Her interview had repetitive expected questions ( boring) with expected answers.. they need to push the envelope..
The delivery and presentation of the show was nicely made.. I would have liked to see the reaction and involvement of the guests that are attending the show..
Im glad to see that its not the exact replica of "The View " but yet to see more lively discussions ... Its too soon to really judge on it as a whole.. I have heard good things about it form educated women ( also in the media but sometimes you never know when its just advertisment or just because its the first show like " The View " in Arab TV as support )..
For now overall I give it the thumbs up and I will watch it again...
Added: by the way I didn't like the makeup artist .. the trend to make the color of the lipstick exactly like the color of the purple blouses has been out for a long while now.. and even to try to exactly match the eye shadows too.. bad!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What do you think about Oprah on YouYube? and where is our own " Oprah " ?

I saw This " Oprah on Youtube " a week ago on YouTube while I was browsing.. actually it was advertised on YouTube home page.. I have a Like / Hate relationship with Oprah.. I agree that the topics she raises are important and she tackles all sorts of issues which is good.. and I hope to see something like that some day in our TV media.. that is also well produced and the way its directed its also nice on the eye.. so that also the content and the anticipation on the topics catches the viewers attention.. Im sorry but till now I have yet to be impressed ( with the exception of Turki Al-Dakhil his weekly program "Idhaat" on Al-Arabiya TV which is amazing but do I see a hint of Larry King`s show background?) Im talking about women presenters that tackles women issues or intrests.. I have been waiting since I came to see " Kalam Nawam" on MBC tonight for the first time and I hope I will not be disappointed.. Im looking forward to seeing the saudi presenter in particular ( if she is still there) .. and the issues that is tackled on the ' The view " arabic version which I really hope its NOT an imitation of it because first I dont like "The View " and second I want our own talent I want to see creativity not imitation.
I m gone away from my point.. after I saw that clip on YouTube which Im a big fan of.. because I like to think of it, its the place for the "PEOPLE" NOT "The MEDIA" but lately I have been seeing Movie trailers placed there by the producers and some shows.. slowly they are sneaking in to YouTube.. But now Oprah? What? WHY? she doesn't need to.. because in US and Canada she is literarily EVERYWHERE! even on her magazine she always has her picture on it.. never anyone else.. as I said I have a Like/ hate relationship with her.. but honestly Why is she on YouTube ?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The lateset buzz on Saudi Women driving..

Lately there has been several articles in the media regarding Saudi women driving..
These are the links, it has started with this article by reuters:
.... foreign minister says women should drive

These are some parts of the article:
""Myself, I think they should drive. But (we) are not the ones who decide on that. It has to be the families who decide on that,"
............... it is a social issue. We believe that this is something for the families to decide, for the people to decide"

Then there was this article in The Saudi Gazette the Link:
Women try their Luck to get Driving License

So some Saudi women headed to local traffic departments to apply for drivers licenses.... they were told that they didn't receive "The Memo" ..

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Biggest Looser the Arabic Version and Saudi Contestants

Please dont laugh at me I dont even know if these are reruns of old episodes..
Im not really the kind of woman (like most women, I think?) that follows a certain sport team or all reality shows which Ive seen running so much of on US TV ( which I have to admit, not very proudly, sometimes I get hooked up on a few).. but for some reason I cant help but when ever I come across " The Biggest Looser " the arabic version but to sit and watch.. especially when I see the Saudi contestants that are participating.. especially SALMA.. may be because she is a Saudi female and I know it might have been hard for her to take the decision to do the show coming from a saudi family background and I do salute her for doing it.. and I just love her remarks and comments they are very funny sometimes the way she passionately gets involved in the challenges to the point she starts crying.. OMG so adorable..
I also like Fahad " the male Saudi contestant" but as a female my vote goes to Salma! I hope she wins..
If your following this show who are you voting for?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Flamenco dancers at the most romantic restaurant that I have ever been to in My Trip to Spain

Every time I see this video I cant help but to remember the whole atmosphere that was in that resturent and it has the most romantic name too..
So take a look at it, its at DRLILLIY I hope you like it too..
This is the Link:
Flamenco Dnacers at DRLILLIY
also my Blog enery regarding My Trip to Spain:
My First Trip to Spain

The Hike

I have been following SupaDupaFlyGirl YouTube videoblogs for a while now and I happen to find her amusing and funny.. so down to earth and not shy to express her self freely ..
But I have to say that I envy her a bit.. because she is able to express her self this way and share it with the world.. even if sometimes its silly ( she says-that about some of her own posts her self) as you saw in my blog that I like to share my photos and videos but I dont place any people neither myself nor my friends or family because even though I really dont mind Im still a women, and my family and I live with this society that everything to them has to be privet especially concerning a female.. I know things are changing just yesterday I was watching " The Biggest looser " the arabic version, and Im sure there are a lot of people in Saudi that are criticizing the saudi female in the group which I find her cute and good for her, but still we have a long way to go..I am a medical doctor and I have plans to go out personally in the media at some point because I feel I have a role to educate people about health but I still cant express my self on a personal level even if its just a personal blog ... Not the way I would like..
So I really envy her ability to freely experise her self..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

After being soo busy for a while.. now I have more time to blog actively..

So I have certain plans to what topics Im planning on posting on the blog...
after all the traveling I have done recently..
First I want to finish editing my travel pictures and some of the videos I took in Italy, now that Spain pics and podcasts are done and posted on DRLILLIY so its ready to share with all of you :) ..
Im also working on my dermatology website that Im planning on lunching soon and Im planning to have active podcasts by me but Im still working on my first topic to present and still getting to know what products are available in saudi to suggest.
Im still thinking about what topics I want to post on my blog.. which Im planning soon to switch all to my DRLILLIY site.. and maybe just keep this blog only for my YouTube selections and chat box..
But I feel I haven't settled yet.. but Im getting there..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is so helarious and I dedicate it to all of us who are Medical doctors and have been in th OR and looked at those Anaesthetists and wondered what are they doing while we are standing there for 5- 6 hours.

Monday, November 5, 2007

This was posted on Saudi Jeans " Job at MBC for Women"

This is the link to Ahmeds post on Saudi Jeans regarding: i matter Club
Job at MBC for Women
"i matter " Its founded by MBC4 and its made for young arab women to discuss there issues.
"i matter
i matter أو بما يقابله باللغة العربية "أنا أستحق الاهتمام"، هو برنامج يمنح التقدير لأعضائه وللرموز التي يستضيفها، ويهدف لأن يشكل مجتمعاً للنساء من مشاهدي قناة MBC4. طورت فكرة هذا النادي للتعبير عن التزام MBC4 تجاه جمهورها من خلال الاستجابة لاحتياجاته بوجود منتدى تستطيع من خلاله السيدات العربيات الشابات التفاعل فيما بينهن، والتعبير عن أنفسهن ومناقشة القضايا الي تهمهن."

And they are making a competition to work to network-online, blog and chat to like minded arab women in MBC in Dubai
This is the Link for how to apply:
i matter competition

Chicago's Millennium Park Video podcast at DRLILLIY

Chicago's Millennium Park Video podcast at DRLILLIY

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Spain Sept. 2007 (Puerto Banus, Marbella, Malaga)

I always wanted to see Spain and finally I had the chance. I wasn't disappointed..
Spain.. my impression that it left was relaxation.. I saw the Mediterranean coast.. arrived at Malaga took a bus to Marbella and then a short taxi ride to Pourto Banus to the Vasari Resort which was a very nice place to stay..
The beach front has many places with restaurants and they rent out umbrellas and sun beds so you can enjoy the beach
It was filled with nice scenery especially with the mountains or hills and then the beach side..
I saw a bull fight.. I didn't like it.. because I really felt sorry for the bulls..
I loved the Flamenco Dancers that I saw in the restaurant which Im showing some clips in my next podcast..

To my original blog entry at DRLILLIY:
My First Trip to Spain

Puerto Banus
Vasari Vacation Resort

Song " Escapemonos"
By Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez

King Tut's face " very facinating now we can not just imagine but also see"

I always find Ancient Egypt and The Pharos interesting.. so now we know how king Tut`s face looks like..
this is the Link to the article:

King Tut's face unveiled to world
"The face of Egypt's most famous ancient ruler, King Tutankhamun, has been put on public display for the first time."
"Tutankhamun ruled Egypt from 1333-1324 BC and is believed to have ascended to the throne aged about nine.

Although in life he was of only moderate historical significance, in death Tutankhamun achieved worldwide fame thanks to the virtually intact state of his tomb when it was opened by Carter in 1922."
"Questions over why Tutankhamun died at about the age of 19, and rumours of a curse prematurely killing those involved with the excavation of his tomb, have only increased the pharaoh's fame.

When the body was x-rayed in 1968, a shard of bone was found in his skull, prompting speculation that he was killed by a blow."

There is also a video with the article that is very nicely presented... check it out!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars video

This is one of my favorite songs!
The first time I heard it was as the promo for the series " Grey`s Anatomy" second season

this is the link to the YouTube posted Video:
Chasing Cars (Grey's Anatomy Version)

But this one is the original Video.. I hope you like it too.. the lyrics are really nice

An Article in Arab News about S Women driving

This is the Link to the article:

Group to Carry On Drive for Driving Rights
Hasan Hatrash, Arab News

This is some of the paragraphs from the article:

"JEDDAH, 9 October 2007 — The Society for Protecting and Defending Women’s Rights is planning to expand their capmaign for women in the Kingdom to be allowed to drive by going out educating people and rallying support for their ongoing drive, according to a member of the society. The group has already sent a petition"
"Al-Oyouni called all women who are in possession of driving licenses to contact the society at"

Friday, October 5, 2007

My YouTube funlilliy Podcasts for my Friends and family who cant play it on DRLILLIY...

I was told several times by some of my friends and family that they cant run my Podcasts on DRLILLIY.. so Im posting them here through my Funlilliy YouTube for me to share it with them and also to Archive them here on my blog.. so I hope you like them.. enjoy!


Sights and Sounds of My Travels...


Sights and Sounds of My Travels...

The Montreal International Jazz festival 8.7.07

Sights and Sounds of My Travels...

Rachid Taha in The Montreal Jazz Festival 8.7.07

Sights and Sounds of Travels...

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal, Quebec

Sights and sounds of my travels...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Interesting article about women driving in the NYT

This is is the link to the article that I came across that is interesting because I didn't know there was a petition being signed by S women that was done with studies on the impact of women not driving with a financial and social prospective...

This is the Link to the article:
Saudis Rethink Taboo on Women Behind the Wheel
Published: September 28, 2007
"DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Sept. 27-DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Sept. 27 — In a recent episode of Saudi Arabia’s most popular television show, broadcast during Ramadan this month, a Saudi man of the future is seen sitting in his house as his daughter pulls into the driveway, her children piled into the back of the car.
“Where have you been?” the father asks.
“The kids were bored, so I took them to the movies,” she replies, matter-of-factly, as she gets out of the driver’s seat......"

“Fifty years ago, we rejected the mail and then we advanced,” said Mr. Sadhan, the television producer. “We refused radio, only to accept it, and then rejected TV, and only to accept that, too. We will accept women driving some day all the same, and the environment has to be prepared for it.”

This last statement is very true regarding anything new that is proposed to the saudi society they always dont accept change at first...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Check out this article on Saudidebate by Shaker Nabulsi

Ok so while I was browsing some blogs I came across this article onSaudidebate dot com :
Saudi women eschew ‘quick fix’ modernization as they stride towards the future
by Shaker Nabulsi
This part in particular caught my intrest in his article
" In light of this I would call upon Saudi women to devote themselves to education, rather than to jobs in business and government. I understand this requires a considerable sacrifice on their part. However, Saudi girls need teachers. The challenge for Saudi women is to fulfill this need - because the education of the young is the most important job any person can undertake. "

Thats the challenge?
I think articles like this are one of the challenges that face S women.

if you read the article, Im wondering what you think of it?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum - Theatrical Trailer 2

This is coming out today.. I saw both the two parts before and I liked them.. I am looking forward to seeing this one.. who ever sees it tell me what you thought of it but dont say the ending.. it looks really good.. it always keeps you at the edge of your seat.. I hope this one is like that too..
This is the website Link as my usual:
The Bourne Ultimatum

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jamie At Home - Channel 4 (UK) Ad

This Ad is so funny!! This guy makes cooking really fun!!! and I like that he understands the power of YouTube to reach people.. So he uses it to post some of his own podcasts.. Check out his Links:
JamieOliver YouTube Channel
Jamie Oliver Website
JamieOliver myspace
and this is his restaurant which I am planning to go to the next time I am in London:
I used to watch his cooking show and had used his recipes which are nice and easy.. he makes cooking look so fun!