Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fun Lilliy Thu Night YouTube Selection

All the TV specials that are classics during this time of year...

Merry Christmas to all my friends that are celerbrating today

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hmmm... paper books or... e-books which one are you?

After Slow Start, E-Books Turn Page and Find FansBy BRAD STONE and MOTOKO RICH
Published: December 24, 2008
Thanks in part to the popularity of’s wireless Kindle device, the e-book has started to take hold.

I just read this article in The New York Times and it struck me does that mean after a few years we will not be able to go and walk around in a book store and brows through the book stands and stand there reading the back cover flipping the book in our hands trying to decide if this is a book I want to spend on my sofa covered with my throw with a cup of tea at my coffee table or may be it would be the kind of book that I would be lying on a beach in a vacation sipping a drink with my sunglasses on and just lazily reading a chicklit.. I don't think these e-books are comparable to holding a book and flipping through the pages, sometimes taking a peake at the next chapter too anxious to wait to whats going to happen next.. I think it will be a really sad day for me when paper books will be extinct, we are so anxious to be fast in everything we do even now with these e-books that are coming out that we forget that some thing were created to slow our pace down and just lay back and enjoy it flipping through the pages till the end and then you carry the next book.. I know I know that you get to walk around with all your books in your pocket or in your purse.. but some times I just sit and wonder why are we always in such a hurry..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Atlantis The Palms Dazzeled Grand Opening in Dubai

A light display is illuminated during the grand opening of Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai.. photos from photo gallery of Khaleej Times dot com
These are the links to the story coverage in:
Khaleej Times
Stars, fireworks dazzle at Atlantis launch
21 November 2008

From Kylie Minogue, Denzel Washington, Robert DeNiro, Charlize Theron, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Michael Jordon, Boris Becker, Priyanka Chopra, Lily Allen, Agyness Deyn, Richard Branson, Sol Kerzner, Quincy Jones, Arjun Rampal, Farhan Akthar the list was endless as a host of celebrities walked the red carpet at the probably the biggest bash in the world to launch Sol Kerzner and property developer, Nakheel’s million-dollar baby.

Saudi Gazette
Nov 22 2008
Dubai hotel’s star-studded bash

DUBAI – Shrugging off the global financial crisis, Dubai overnight toasted a new luxury hotel with a $20-million bash attended by film stars and sporting greats and marked by a spectacular fireworks display.
More than 2,000 world celebrities were invited to the event, which began Thursday night and continued into Friday.

I have seen the original Atlantis In the Bahamas Pradise Island... so yet to come to see this one which is only 2 hours flight away.. will leave it for some sort of special occation.. had fun in the bahamas for sure will have fun in dubai as always..

Turkish word #12:

Harika! harika =Wonderful!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hagia Sofia soft light

Hagia Sofia soft ligh, originally uploaded by Fun Lilliy.

I just loved the soft light that you can enjoy inside Aya Sofia , the soft whispers of people every one trying not to disturb the peaceful quietness that you feel once you go in because you are mesmerized by the beauty of the building.
Istanbul... even when you hear that name in a movie you start visualizing a mystic city... you could almost start hearing the music in the background of your thoughts and smell the spices in the spice bazaar..
I am going to give glimpses of the areas I visited and the sights I have seen...
I stayed in the area called Sultanahamet and if it’s your first visit to Istanbul and you are interested in Old Istanbul and the important historical sight seeing, then this is the place to stay... In one of its nice Boutique Hotels (will talk about my hotel later in a different post). This area has all what’s important to see and you can walk everywhere... its crowded full of tourist and because I came and it was the first day of “Seker Bayrami" “Eid Al Fiter” holiday even Turkish and tourist from Syria and its borders came as well... I don’t mind crowded cities if I am seeking a busy vacation of exploring which was my aim in this trip. The center is the Sultanahmet center and park where you can stand and while you are looking around trying to decide what to see first you can enjoy for one lira grilled corn or boiled what ever is your preference or hot chestnut…. Yammm... which is also a favorite of the locals... every one is walking around eating corn... I think even if you don’t like it they will tempt you to at least try a bite of it out of curiosity. From this center you can also choose one of the tourist buses, there are Kiosks that book and sell you the tickets... I suggest first just to walk around with a map that you can get from the tourist office in the center with the man that just nods and points to the maps for you to take and figure it out your self... a city travel guide would be useful to take with you... Something like the book that I actually bought after I came back “lonely planet istanbul encounter”... but if you like to be surprised then just follow the tourists and go where they go these groups are all going to the same sights that you should be checking out… or just check out the websites do your research and put a list that you will find in the map and GO! That’s what I did before I went... these are the links…
To be cont….
Time for the Turkish lesson…
Turkish phrase #11:
Ingilizce biliyor musunuz? ingeleezje billeyourmoosunooz? =do you speak English?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

loooool...twittering... twits... loool

Aya Sofia Inner Entrance Wall Oct 2008

IMG_0424, originally uploaded by Fun Lilliy.

I just love all the details on the walls... Hagia Sofia which means " Holy Wisdom" Sofia means Wisdom or it means "Divine Wisdom". It was a mosque till 1935, when the Republic of Turkey converted it into a museum.

Turkish word # 10:
Pardon pardon = Excuse me to ( to get past)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Lazy Afternoon" by Getty72 from my flickr contacts..

Lazy Afternoon, originally uploaded by Getty72.

This is from flickr.. its one of the Pro Photographers I follow their work.. isn't this the sweeties photo.. I just love cats and couldn't resist posting this photo from Getty72who also writes and posts in his very interesting blog "One Man's Travel Blog".
Turkish word # 9:
Afedersiniz afedersneez = Excuse me (apology)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Haghia Sofia A.D. 532- 1453

Haghia Sofia Oct 2008 by Fun Lilliy
If you look at any travel book about Istanbul you will find that the first thing they talk about is AYA SOFIA.. of course its one of the land marks of Istanbul and was always even in history, which this building has seen alot of and still stands just happened that it was the first thing that I got tickets to see on my first day of touring Istanbul at day two after my arrival ( day one I saw first the bed after a long delayed tiring flight and when I woke up went to Galata Tower for dinner and a show, I will write about that later)
Aya Sofia is a place where you find so much history from every era, and feel once you pass through its doors and on its walls of Old Byzantium, Islamic and Christian thumb prints... you can almost hear the whispers of old times and see images of people in old robes and Emperors passing in front of your eyes.. It was built originally as a church in between A.D. 532 and 537 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian converted to a Mosque in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet II who was only 21 when the Ottoman army conquered Constantinople and taken down Emperor Constantine XI The Last Roman Emperor who dies fighting on the city walls with his army.
To be cont....
Turkish word #8:
Ozur dilerim ozoor dillareem =sorry

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The entrence of AYA SOFIA Oct 2008

The Entrence To Aya Sofia Oct 2008 by Fun Lilliy
Turkish word #7:
Lutfen lootfen =Please

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Won

Obama Victory Speech Video Link in NYT

NYT article: How Twitter Can Help at Work

September 7, 2008, 9:01 pm
How Twitter Can Help at Work
By Sarah Milstein
Twitter is a simple messaging service that you’ve either heard about a lot or not at all. Either way, it’s a fun and useful tool, well worth trying if you want to reach potential and existing customers, employees or employers.
Like blogging, Twitter lets you write messages that other people can read. Unlike blogging, Twitter limits your messages to 140 characters. (The previous two sentences absorbed exactly 140 characters.) Readers can choose to receive your Twitter updates (sometimes called “tweets”) on their phones, via IM, RSS or on the Web. The brevity, combined with the variety of delivery systems, make Twitter a powerful medium. Here are five ways to harness it.....

I found this article very interesting.. I feel that in KSA utilisation of all these available services is lagging behind.. I would love to use this service in reaching my patients and giving tips on how to care for the skin, answer simple questions,and many other uses but I don't feel that they are interested.. its still an idea that I might start and keep it up till may be people get the hang of it.. I think may be part of my problem is I have to try to learn to write in Arabic... hmmm...
I am not a very frequent twitterer but I do follow a lot of interesting people on twitter.. and see some use it for fun .. some use it as a way to communicate with friends.. others with colleagues at work or even to arrange for meetings.. some to announce for posts on there blogs.. companies..magazines.. even to help you lose weight by sending you reminders to place a list of what you ate... the list is endless.. its fun and it can be useful.. I follow a lot of people from different countries.. KSA.. Dubai.. US.. with different interests.. you never get bored..
One twitterer that I have been following in particular that combines business,and social usage of Twittwer is DrBaher who has founded a company in Dubai called CloudAppers that is great in utilising Cloud Web in all aspects of his business.. so if you want to have a sample of just how you might be able to utilise twitter in some of its many faces then check his link..

Monday, November 3, 2008

Istanbul the enchanted city... my photos..

AYA SOFYA Oct 2008 by Fun Lilliy
I will be uploading the photos that I have taken in Istanbul along with the turkish word of the day.. till I run out of photos and then will see.. :)
Turkish phrase #6:
Bir sey degil beer shey daeil = You're welcome

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun Lilliy Turkish learning book is.....

This is the book that I am using to learn Turkish.. its thin and not intimidating.. I carry it around every where and it fits in the small bags as well..
Noo I didn't forget today's Turkish word # 5 is:
Tesekkurler teshekkoorler = Thank you.
Of course because my computer is in English.. I cant place the proper looking Turkish letters in the phrases.. but its the closest thing for now till I figure out how to place them and how to get them on this computer.. :)

Aksaray and Turkish Word # 4

Ok.. I havent neglected me learning turkish I was just away for a few days..
so here it is word #4:

Hayir hire or higher =NO

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dolmabahce and Turkish Word #3

Th Dolmabahce Palace was actually closed on the day that I took the Hop on Hop off Bus tour (Euro 20 per person)which has become kind of like a tradition when ever I arrive to a new city full of touristic sites to see and I just listen to the commentary with the headsets with your chosen language and big list of all the areas to be seen which is almost everything you were looking up in a travel guide book.. its kind of like scanning the places and then deciding which of them to actually make time to go see .. usually these buses have interesting stop points and the next bus would come an hour later.. it had a stop point at this palace which is suppose to be as per the travel guide book says "An Ottman- European Extravaganza " but it was closed that day and I didn't have the time to get back and see the next day.. Next Trip for sure..
Today's Turkish word:
Evet evvet =Yes

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Galata Bridge and Turkish Word #2

Galata Bridge in 1907
I just for some reason find it very interesting to look up these old photos of Istanbul.. This is Galata Bridge in 1907.. these days when the bus tour passes this bridge you can see people fishing and men sitting with small boxes selling fish hooks and necessities for fishing.. I never had the chance to ask if they really eat the fish they catch bec I just find it very odd.. do they do it for sport or do they actually do it to fish to eat these catches.. hmmm...
Todays word:
Hoscakal hoshchuckal =Goodbye.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Lilliy Learning Turkish!

In an attempt to learn a new language and inspired by my recent trip to Istanbul Turkey.. I have decided to learn Turkish.. It suddenly made sense to me to learn this language.. I am a descendant originally from Uzbek origin and never been taught by my parents to speak Uzbek, they were worried that it would confuse me I was already learning Arabic and English at the same time.. so they thought learning a third language would be hard on us.. I still remember my late grandfather who was always proud of our origin talking to us only in Uzbek every time we visited him and when ever I say I don’t understand he would turn to my father and scold him and tell him that it was his fault that we don’t speak Uzbek.. ever since I visited Istanbul in Eid and listening to the Turks with the sounds and the words that are very familiar to me.. and since Turkish is the sibling language of Uzbek.. I found that I have more access to Turkish teaching books.. Cds.. and sites which will help me.. I made my decision I will learn Turkish! so here goes.. my first word..
Merhaba! merhaba = Hello!

Coming soon ..the photos that I took in Istanbul! its a very old city.. full of history.. I was really enchanted and romanced by Istanbul...

Jessica Simpson - Come On Over [Official Music Video]

I think finally she is on the right track to what kind of songs she should be singing.. even though with all the criticism she receives.. looking into all the women that are falling on there faces in her circle of profession she struggled to put her life together without going over board.. till this.. she is giving in to her original roots.. the girl from Dallas Texas.. I grew up listening to country music it started with my moms passion for their songs when we lived in Texas and continued later on even when we moved away from there.. I still love cowgirl hats and cowgirl boots.. I lived there at a time where they still were walking around wearing them. The best outfit to me that I find is still sexy and stylish is a pair of jeans crisp white shirt and a studded belt.. it always comes and goes.. Never really goes out of style.. Enjoy the song..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sunday Paper... miss it..

OK, so one of the things that I miss when I was living in North America is the Sunday paper.. you get a huge stack of papers.. its the best thing I just love waking up walking around in my PJ's and a big cup of coffee and sitting reading the paper.. in the US its usually $1.99 for 15 sections plus a Magazine.. one of my favorites is The New York Times in New York my favorite city in the world.. my second favorite city now is becoming Dubai.. the paper is the best thing to lazying around all day or if its nice and sunny to take it to the park or to a nice outdoor cafe ( that's usually for a Sat ) I miss those small pleasurable rituals.. and when you are busy and cant read it all in one day it lasts you the whole week.. it has loads of reading from the important news in the week to travel and style.. so that what I ve done one of the first things I bough at the shop when I got to Chicago is buy the Sunday paper The Chicago Tribune because I am busy it is lasting me the whole week almost.. I love the TV guide in it as well I can plan my breaks.
The above picture was taken from The Chicago Tribune The Sawmp section The Article with a video of the editor of The New Yorker talking about this cover which has been talked about a lot in the media and the news this is the article link:
New Yorker flap turns attention to satire

Fun Lilliy
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

NEVER STOP DREAMING!!!!!!! NEVER STOP HOPING!!!!!! NEVER STOP MOVING FORWARD TO TRY TO TOUCH YOUR DREAMS!!!!!! they might just come true one day.. thats what keeps you able to open your eyes in a new morning and get up and live life...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wanted!! is wanted to be seen..

heres is another great looking movie to see.. action!

The Fun Oldies are back!!! here comes THE MUMMY!!!

so I guess this year the fans of the some of the oldies classic series get summer fun new series films.. after we thought that was it those were the last that we will see those characters playing those films.. well we got our wishes.. so Indiana Jones.. the Mummy.. and even Star Wars..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Lilliy Weekend Woman Delight

Fun Lilliy:
Cooks " Pasta Salad à la Norma "
Every one knows that I am a big Rachel Ray fan and like her recipes because they are quick and " figure friendly " as she says and since the weather is hot.. I like salads and pasta salads in particular so this is what I am headed out to buy the ingredients for to try for dinner tonight!

1 pound penne rigate pasta
1 medium eggplant (1 1/2 pounds), cut lengthwise into 1/2-inch-thick slices (I leave on half the skin — I like the color and texture it gives the dish)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), plus more for brushing
8 plum tomatoes, seeded and chopped
1 cup fresh basil leaves, thinly sliced or torn
2 cloves garlic, grated
1/2 pound ricotta salata cheese, crumbled
Bring a large pot of water to a boil, salt it, add the pasta and cook until al dente. Drain, then rinse under cold water.
While the pasta is working, heat a grill or grill pan to medium-high. Brush the eggplant with EVOO, season with salt and pepper and grill until tender, 6-8 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes, then cut into small cubes and place in a large bowl.
Add the tomatoes, basil and garlic to the eggplant. Pour in the 1/4 cup EVOO and season with salt and pepper. Add the pasta and cheese and toss to combine.

If you tried tell me how it turned out for you.. Ill give my feed back after tonight..

Places to see before I Die Selection of the Week
Victoria Falls in Zambia

there is also this Video The Victoria Falls from the air
From Times Online
June 4, 2008
The Victoria Falls from the air
Arion McNicoll heads to Zambia to see Africa's largest waterfall up close and from a helicopter

Makes you want to be there right now..

Artist of the Week and every week :) Gustav Klimt xhibition at Tate Liverpool

Picture of the Week:
Fun Lilliy
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Fun Lilliy Women-Issue News Selection " Female assesses masters thesis of male "

Female assesses masters thesis of male
Saudi Gazette Friday, 20 June 2008 Riyadh - For the first time in the history of higher education in Saudi Arabia, a female is taking part in an evaluation of a scientific thesis submitted by a male researcher.
It was the norm at Saudi universities to exclude female academics from discussions involving male students.
However, the English Department of the College of Languages at King Saud University has made this habit a thing of the past, which may usher in a new era. The step was described by academics as “historic,” giving the credit for this development to Dr. Saad Al-Baze’i and Dr. Odah Al-Jahni, both of whom have long been advocates of involving women in scientific debates.
Researcher Ibrahim Azizi earned Wednesday a Master’s degree with a rating of excellent with honors for his study on US-Arab Literature.
Dr. Marsha Qatareya, who took part in the discussion of the thesis together with Dr. Al-Jahni, said, “I am proud to be among the first to break the barrier in the area of discussion of thesis at Saudi universities and I hope this will allow for more events like this in the future.”
Qatareya said she had her reservations for taking part in such a landmark event however with the support from from Dr. Odah Al-Jahni, the department head, and Professor Saad Al-Baze’i gave her the needed push. – Al-Hayat

What can I say.. I guess I have to say " yay ".. I have to keep telling myself "baby steps baby steps"...

This is another article'
Summer camp aims to help young women plan for future
Walaa Hawari | Arab News

RIYADH: With the aim of generating a sense of social responsibility among young Saudi adults, the Summer of Luthan camp for girls has been established at Luthan, the first women-only hotel in Riyadh.

The three-week camp, which begins on July 5, is a new concept in summer camps. Among its many programs include visits to workplaces where women are taking the lead. It will also present workshops to enhance the girls’ knowledge of many aspects of life and to build their self-esteem and confidence.......

I hope that all these efforts are encouragement to do more and more..

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fun Lilliy Selection: Thu Night at Home Movie Cinema " BEOWULF "

I had a habit when I was in Canada it was that every weekend unless I was on call I have to see a Movie at the Cinema (or on a DVD if there really wasnt anything to see in the cinema, I had a service for a monthly fee, they send you the DVDs to your mail box and you send it back to them by mail called ) it was nice when I went with my friends or loved one, but it was even nicer when I went alone.. I like going to the movies alone.. no disturbances.. no talking.. no commenting .. just me and the Movie with my Twizzlers Nibs Candy and a large coke no ice.. to me a movie is the best entertainment.. and it was always something to look forward to on the weekend since I was a teenager.. we had a ritual my sisters and I.. every Wed. ( that's when the weekend starts in Jeddah) with the help of our mother we make a big plate of fries and Balilah ( chick peas with cucumber and cumin vinegar its a Higgazy Jeddawi snack) and sit and watch a video movie even if its something we saw before.. it was always a lot of fun.. so now that I am back we restarted our tradition but now with the extended family members who luckily have the same passion we get together on Thu night usually for pizza or take out and watch a movie.. this week I bought the Movie here in Jeddah for the first time from Jarrir bookstore.. I actually bought three, one for the next 2 weeks as well.. so we saw "BEOWULF" it was really captivating and very entertaining.. we all enjoyed it.. so I highly recommend..
Check out The Official Movie Web Site they have entertaing features with podcasts and games.. worth visiting..
the other two movies I bought are:
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets
Elizabeth The Golden Age

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

This article in Arab News gives me minute hope.. I just hope it wont be crushed again..

I have read before about the meeting that was held in
the Khadija Bint Khuwailed Center for Businesswomen hosted a lecture by Al-Jawhara Al-Angari, vice chairman of the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), on the legal, social, political and civil rights of women in Islam.

I was disappointed that I didn't know about it or I would have attended.. but I read before there was a good number of women that attended.. we need more like these kind of lectures.. because women need to understand what their rights really are not just what they have been wanted to only know.. I don't take this as just an article.. it is a call to women...

Plight of Women Gets Deserved Attention
Samar Fatany,

Recent national initiatives increased public awareness among women and addressed misconceptions that lead to regulatory discrimination against Saudi women. The media is also keeping pressure on by exposing violations and outmoded attitudes about women. There is a genuine effort by all to keep the public informed about social concerns and government directives that are influencing change and reinforcing reforms.

The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) should be commended for its vigorous campaign to raise the level of awareness among women about their legal rights. The chamber’s Center for Law and Arbitration launched an initiative to spur research on divorce and custody laws. The initiative included research on three major categories, divorce under Shariah, the rights of divorcees in Islam and the custody rights of children in Islam.

To encourage researchers to participate, a cash award will be offered to the best, and the best nine studies will be printed in a book that will be distributed to the public free of charge. It is hoped that such studies will help bring about solutions for many unresolved divorce and custody cases and address the suffering of many women and children who are victims of injustice or misinterpretation of the Shariah law.

Meanwhile, the Khadija Bint Khuwailed Center for Businesswomen hosted a lecture by Al-Jawhara Al-Angari, vice chairman of the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), on the legal, social, political and civil rights of women in Islam. Al-Angari addressed unimplemented laws and regulations that favor women and criticized the deficiencies in other regulations. The human rights advocate recommended that a civil family code be distributed with every identity card issued to a woman in order to inform her of her rights.

She then addressed the issue of business representatives imposed on women conducting business in the Kingdom. She said women should take advantage of the legal assistance provided by the Khadija Bint Khuwailed Center. The center, she said, could assist by drawing up specified powers of attorney that do not give absolute power to such representatives.

Al-Angari also urged women to be more active in promoting change. In her lecture, she noted that ignorance about their legal rights and under-appreciation by society are the reasons for the current plight of Saudi women.

The chamber publicized the event well and ensured that many women attended. Transportation was provided from every charity organization in Jeddah. Flyers were posted at colleges and universities along with SMS message and e-mail campaigns. As a result, 600 enthusiastic women showed up and used the opportunity to discuss issues that affect their lives. The lecture was an eye-opener for many women who had lost hope in government or society providing any protection or support.

The center presented Maha Fitaihi, wife of Jeddah’s mayor, lecturing on “Women in Islam.” She stressed the importance of recognizing women as a source of strength and pride, and she said that we should concentrate on building the character of our young girls and women to allow them to serve their country and religion. It is important, she said, to define the true Muslim identity of the Saudi woman so that she can take her rightful place in the international community and contribute toward global prosperity. Women left the hall inspired with a sense of pride in their identity and history.

Meanwhile, in Riyadh a group of Saudi legal and medical experts appealed to scholars at the Board of Senior Ulema and the Ministry of Justice to enact a law that bans child marriage. They highlighted many negative reports about this rural phenomenon and related many instances of abuse against child wives, in which judges citing Shariah law ruled against the victims. The experts urged the launch of an intensive awareness campaign to highlight the destructive effects of this practice. They called for an end to child marriage and stressed that those who indulge in this practice should face criminal penalties.

Arab News recently reported about women being locked up in their homes with their children when their husbands go to work. This practice is always discouraged by the police and Civil Defense officials as most Saudi homes lack fire-escape routes and almost all have iron security bars. Civil Defense officials continuously point out the dangers of such practices and urge against locking any family member or servant in the house. Police remain helpless because they cannot intervene without an official complaint. “If the wife consents willingly the law cannot interfere,” one official said. This is another example of how lack of awareness among women leads them to stay passive and accept such dangerous and demeaning situations — not only for themselves but for their children as well.

These efforts to raise awareness and the extensive campaign to enlighten women about their rights must continue in order to provide every woman with an opportunity to live in dignity. Many women remain resistant to change out of fear of the unknown or distorted views of their culture and faith. It is the duty of every sociologist, government official or employee and every educated citizen, man or woman, to improve the welfare of our sisters, mothers and daughters. We have a responsibility to help our society evolve and recognize the need to support women who may be isolated and unaware of a better way to live. Moreover, our educated and progressive women should accept a greater responsibility to lead by example to remove the suspicions of those who are against modernization and progress. We all — men and women — need to work together to devise laws and regulations that maintain respect and protect women both at home and in the workplace.

— Samar Fatany is a Saudi radio journalist based in Jeddah.

The British Council in Jeddah "International Young Visual Arts Entrepreneur Award"

Just recived this e-mail any one who is intrested I can e-mail you the applications:
The British Council is launching its International Young Visual Arts Entrepreneur Award - IYVAE

They are looking for young Saudi artists who already run businesses in the visual arts sector. Candidates should be 25 – 35 years old, and with entrepreneurial skills and background.

Kindly find attached the application form and more information on the award programme.

The deadline for receiving applications is 16 July 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I read a very intresting post from fellow blogger Ammaro

This was a very intresting post that I wanted to direct my friends to read as well this is the Link: Isolated from the World
Ammaro is a fellow Bahraini Blogger that I have read very intresting posts and this is one of them.. the pictures are amazing..

Friday, May 30, 2008

My family and I laughed so hard when my sister read to us this article after brunch!!

So sorry this time its going to be in Arabic so for my English reading followers I apologize I wont translate it because the cunning of the words in it can only be expressed as they are in its original written form.. but its basically about a popular Turkish " Nour " translated series into arabic that is being aired on the Arabic TV channel MBC, and it talks about the main male heroin in it and how that now Saudi girls are so taken by the Turkish man character because he is such a gentleman and how Saudi men are rough in the way they treat women.. and it was written by one of my favorite TV presenters Turki Al Dakhil..
It was written in Al Watan Newspaper today:

تركي الدخيل
مهند (مزيون) نور!
قبل أسبوعين تقريباً ذهبت إلى مقر قناة العربية لتسجيل إحدى حلقات برنامج إضاءات. كان الوقت عصراً، غير أن مدخل مقر مجموعة mbc في دبي كان ليس المدخل الذي اعتدت عليه منذ أن انتقلت المجموعة إلى دبي من لندن في عام 2001.
كانت جموع من الناس وأرتال من البشر تتجمع عند مدخل المبنى.
فتيات وفتيان وشابات وشبان تبدو على عيونهم اللهفة والترقب. أوقفت سيارتي ونزلت أحاول أن أتعرف على وجه أحد الزملاء علّه أن يساهم في تسهيل دخولي إلى مكتبي بين ازدحام الحاضرين. بعد أن انسللت بصعوبة بين المتجمهرين، علمت أنهم جاؤوا لمشاهدة نجوم المسلسل التركي (نور) الذي تعرضه مترجماً قنوات المجموعة.
رأيت في العالم العربي معجبين بنجوم، لكني لم أر شيئاً كما رأيت. مهند الشاب التركي الذي تغزلت بجماله النساء، سرق الأضواء، وكان نجم النجوم.
الحقيقة أن مهند فتح للنساء السعوديات بالذات، على اعتبار أنهن أكثر مشاهدات mbc، مجالاً للنيل من الشباب السعودي، الذين حملوا باستحقاق لقب (الضبان) بالمقارنة باللي ما يتسماش.
لقد وجدت الفتيات السعوديات في مهند رداً على عهود من سحق الشباب السعودي للفتاة السعودية، وإطلاقه تعليقات تنتقد جمالها، ليس أقلها إشارته إلى أنهن صاحبات (الركب السوداء)، وكأن الشباب ذوي ركب بيضاء تشبه ركبة مهند!
ثمة من يرى الموضوع من زاوية أخرى لا علاقة لها بالجمال، بل تركز على جفاف المشاعر لدينا، مقارنة بالإخوة الأتراك.
وهنا تأتي الرسالة التي زارت معظم الجوّالات تحمل رسالة إلى إناث السعودية مفادها: "معاً يداً بيد، حملة لمقاطعة الشباب السعودي، والمطالبة بفتح المجال للزواج بالأتراك... من شاف دموع مهند ويحيى ما رجى من هالضبان خير"!
ختاماً سأقول تعليقاً على الرسالة: أها بس! وهي كلمة زجر وردع، تعني أن جمال الثوب أن تكون رقعته منه وفيه، وسلامتكم!

The funny thing is that me my self I don't watch it but almost every body I know watch this series... including my sister who originally was the one who watches it and now my mother as well..

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Did you know that May 24th was Fun Lilliy 1st post Birthday!!!!!!

I didn't even realize it till today I knew it was in May but I didn't know that it had passed... I am sorry Fun Lilliy.. actually originally the blog I opened it in Feb but I hadn't placed anything on it at that time and it was only because my friend IYM had a blog and had being enjoying posting on it the things that she finds interesting and she was telling me that I should try but I didnt know what to put.. till I placed my first post and it was because I found Uzbek songs that I wanted to share with my friends.. and that's how it all began.. Fun Lilliy has been my friend.. that I can tell anything that my hearts wants to say out to the world and that's how by her being my trusted friend she had connected me to all of you.. the people that I had lots of chats and interesting discussions and a lot of times encouragements during some difficult times.. I have neglected my fun lilliy when I was very busy but she sat there patiently waiting knowing that I will always come back and telling me that she is always there for me when I need her.. so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUN LILLIY!!!!!! and Thank you!!!! for all that you gave me... and forgive me for taking this long to say Happy birthday.. I know you will understand.. :) hugs and kisses...

Doctor I want your mobile phone number.. Me: Why?

I am always surprised when I get asked that question .. when did patients think they have the right to invade the privacy of the doctors personal life and think that they should have accesses to them 24/7 .. doctors are humans as well and have privet lives and families that they need to have away from their patients.. don't get me wrong I am not saying that if an emergency arises patients shouldn't have an access to a doctor but in every hospital they always have a system that there is a doctor on-call that can handle emergency situations till the next day when the specialized doctor is available and that doctor on call is the person that can decide if the situation needs a more specialized opinion that precise moment or if that can wait till morning when the patient can get to his own doctor.. all the doctors can be reached during working hours and through the hospital but being a doctor is a job like any other job and we need to be away from it as humans and have our own lives away from it like any other person.. its a very human job and very giving I know.. and we never want to lose that aspect of it and we never underestimate the needs of our patients .. but the patients also have to remember that we are human as well and we have lives to go to outside the doors of the hospital that we have to attend to as well.. so why would a patient think they have a right to invade it in the middle of the night or during dinner time with the family when its not an emergency and even if so there is a doctor already that is specialized to handle it in the hospital..

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why Twitter Matters

Can the fledgling microblogging service become a social media powerhouse to rival giants like Facebook—or will it be gobbled up?

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My new clutch.. but in Bronze color..

Its wrong wrong wrong for me to stop at any Bag store " just to take a quick look" HA!!!!! that never works for me especially that I am the kind of gal that is a bag gal more than a shoe girl.. I love bags.. so I had to do a fast erand today on my way home I wanted to get some coffee.. but I dint ask to be stoped just in front of the coffee house ..nooo I want to go from the main entrance of the small mall that happens to have a Nine West store just when you go through the entrance.. " whats the harm in just to glance at the window on my way to get my coffee.. Right?.. well that doesn't work that way.. EVER!!!.. the glance to catch my eye at a certain item.. I see a sale.. I see a bag.. I bring out my card.. I buy a bag.. or a slipper... its summer around the corner.. I need nice cute summer sexy slippers to show off my pedicure.. any ways I ended up buying this very nice handy especially when I am travelling.. doesn't take much space in my travelling bag.. and it brightens any outfit when you go out at night for dinner or something.. blah blah blah.. yah yah yah.. just any reason that makes it legitimate for me to buy the bag.. so I did and it made me happy.. I will take it with me in my next trip just to prove I was serious about the reason behind wasting my money.. :)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sex and the city Movie - Official Full Trailer HD

I know the whole series by heart... word for word.. and I am not kidding :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the series.. and I cant wait to see the Movie.. I am a little skeptical but I don't think I will be that disappointed I always enjoy the style and New York..


Fun Lilliy Cooks "Chicken Noodle Hold The Soap" from Rachael Ray

This is the recipe from Rachael Ray's Official Website:

Chicken Noodle Hold the Soup
Serves 4
Submitted by
Rachael Ray
Yum-o! Family Friendly
on 04/04/08
1 rotisserie chicken
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
2-3 carrots, cut into matchsticks
4-5 ribs celery from the heart, cut into matchsticks
2 small zucchini, cut into matchsticks
Freshly ground black pepper
1 pound extra-wide egg noodles
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 cup flat leaf parsley, chopped (about a handful)
1/2 box frozen peas, defrosted (10 ounces)
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat for the egg noodles.
Discard the skin from the chicken and remove the meat from the bones. Shred the chicken meat with your
fingers or two forks and reserve.
Place a large skillet over medium-high heat with the EVOO, about two turns of the pan. Add the onion,
carrots and celery to the pan and cook until the veggies begin to get tender, about 3-4 minutes. Toss the
zucchini into the pan along with some salt and freshly ground black pepper, then cook another 2-3 minutes
until all the veggies are tender.
While the veggies are cooking, drop the noodles into the boiling water and cook to al dente, according to
package directions. Drain the noodles and return them to the pot they were cooked in. Add the butter and
parsley to pot and give everything a good toss to melt the butter and coat the noodles.
Add the shredded chicken and peas to the pan with the veggies and cook until the chicken is heated
To serve, spoon some noodles into bowls and top with the chicken and veggie mixture.
This is one of many "Yum-o!" recipes – it's good and good for you. To find out more about Yum-o!,
Rachael's nonprofit organization, go to

I am a fan of her daytime talk show which airs ( KSA 18:00) on MBC 4 before I started working I love her recipes like she says "Figure Friendly" mostly Chicken and Turkey in the ingredients.. since I have been off this week.. I take small breaks when I rest my mind and I like to take it around the time of her show is on and I got this recipe out of it so I am going to try it.. it seems very healthy.. and " figure friendly" with an extra health value with the added zucchini.. will get back to you on this one...
This coming clip is actually an interview with Michael Buble on Rachael Ray, Its actually a fun interview to watch..

added: mix the pasta when done with a mix of Kenors Thyme and Vinegar use it as your seasoning.. we made this yesterday for dinner and its DELICIOUS that is if you are a Veggie fan and the other thing is I made the chicken breasts in the oven wrapped in foil seasoned only with black pepper then forked it.. its very healthy try it..

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