Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I went to Bali! This summer of 2017!

I did it! I finally did it! I push down my fears f the unknown and my passion for travel helped me to take the decision to go to the far south east of Asia finally , and because of my loves for Spas Bali has always been a dream destination of mine. And I was right Bali all in it self is a Spa .. I was thinking there that I want to take a piece exactly as is and make it into a Spa here.. Remember the movie New Years when she had a wish list and in it was go to Bali and he takes her to a Spa called Bali ... I love that scene it exactly what I want to do .. I want to make that Spa here.. So back to my travels ... now I am over the hump .. I took the step and I stepped into that part of the world .. and now no one can stop me lol .. I am planing all sorts of destination in that part of the world with in the next year ... next Stop JAPAN! I feel excited and happy that finally I am thinking about my passions instead of what I have to do for my work which is what I have obsessed about the past 5 years .. this year and the next I am gonna focus on building me what I want in my work life my ventures in Business and my travels which just nourishes my soul ...

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