Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Women In Art

This is such a beautiful tribute to women... I love it..


Inspire Your Mind said...

Wow.. very nice.. I have one of the paintings here in my place..
I just loved it.. very smart transitions between images.
You touched my artistic vibes.. I wanna go to an art school now.. I wish I could do it one day.

Lilliy said...

My only comment here.. I wish he/she slowed it down a bet..
IYM Go for your artistic vibe..its so soothing and relaxing.. I used to paint and did canvases.. attended an Art school with one of our famous female artists back home.. I brought all my sketchbooks and paints with me here.. since I started my residency I didnt even touch my sketch books.. its sad.. my only consilation was my camera that I always carry in my bag.. the old one and now the new one too both has even a video and I ve been using it.. anything I find intresting I take a snap shot or record.. and gona work on putting them together once I get home.. I have a software that makes really good Vodcasts and gona place them on my website.. not my personal ones but the scenary ones.. that kind of feed my artistic side.. whewh.. and thats all

Inspire Your Mind said...

I can do some for you these days if you want.. I've subscribed to this website that can do this for me..
Check it out, I think you can do it even without subscription but with limited posting options..

Lilliy said...

ohh thanks for offering.. its all downloaded on my computer.. I just need to organize them into certain seperate folders an it configures into albumes then on its own.. the latest ones are already organized.. Its the older ones that are not categorized yet.. then all I have to do is choose a theme and it does everything and then I just click a button and it gets published.. mac softwear with a mac account and a macbook is really nice.. your macbook and their softwars are made to work smoothly together..
I just want to work on my vodcast it will be with a music that I want to put together and edit it to kind like a documentery.. that I will vodcast/podcast on my website.. I already have some clips on my DRLILLIY website.. I am just going to make a one short film like vodcast.. and some commentary from me maybe.. something like that will see.. but thank you so much for offering to help IYM its very sweet of you..

Anonymous said...

its really nice,wish to know the stories or the history of all of them..may be someday