Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum - Theatrical Trailer 2

This is coming out today.. I saw both the two parts before and I liked them.. I am looking forward to seeing this one.. who ever sees it tell me what you thought of it but dont say the ending.. it looks really good.. it always keeps you at the edge of your seat.. I hope this one is like that too..
This is the website Link as my usual:
The Bourne Ultimatum


Inspire Your Mind said...

sounds like a good one Jovial.. I haven't seen the first 2 parts though..
I might for for it this afternoon..
Chaw love..

Lilliy said...

I saw the Movie and it was Fun I actually got to see it in DUBAI. its fast paced but a lot of action and kept me at the edge of my seat.. highly recomend who ever likes action movies to go see especially if you saw the first 2 parts.. this time I say that the third part complements the first two..