Sunday, September 23, 2007

Check out this article on Saudidebate by Shaker Nabulsi

Ok so while I was browsing some blogs I came across this article onSaudidebate dot com :
Saudi women eschew ‘quick fix’ modernization as they stride towards the future
by Shaker Nabulsi
This part in particular caught my intrest in his article
" In light of this I would call upon Saudi women to devote themselves to education, rather than to jobs in business and government. I understand this requires a considerable sacrifice on their part. However, Saudi girls need teachers. The challenge for Saudi women is to fulfill this need - because the education of the young is the most important job any person can undertake. "

Thats the challenge?
I think articles like this are one of the challenges that face S women.

if you read the article, Im wondering what you think of it?


Inspire Your Mind said...

It's so sad that such a chauvinistic behavior still exists in today's life..
But honestly, it's the woman who allows the man to control her..
Resist them, their oppression won't last long.. keep resisting them.. afterall, it has nothing to do with the essence of Islam as they claim it to be.. we all know it..
BTW, what's wrong with having male teachers/instructors ? I think girls performance will improve dramatically if this is the case .. ;)

Lilliy said...

I know, why didn't he say to men dedicate them selves to teaching only.. he wouldn't have said stick to education unless he thought that, thats where our place in the working field is. its like he is saying "ishlek wee ishl altegarah ya marah!"

Inspire Your Mind said...

Let him get ****d, what a looser !