Thursday, October 18, 2007

An Article in Arab News about S Women driving

This is the Link to the article:

Group to Carry On Drive for Driving Rights
Hasan Hatrash, Arab News

This is some of the paragraphs from the article:

"JEDDAH, 9 October 2007 — The Society for Protecting and Defending Women’s Rights is planning to expand their capmaign for women in the Kingdom to be allowed to drive by going out educating people and rallying support for their ongoing drive, according to a member of the society. The group has already sent a petition"
"Al-Oyouni called all women who are in possession of driving licenses to contact the society at"


rosh said...

I hope this happens! Good luck to all those women in KSA.

Lilliy said...

Thanks Rosh.. and long time no write.. its good to see you here..