Friday, February 1, 2008

Life and the secrets we hide....

I found this so captivating because it makes you think how big sometimes the things that we cant admit to others and sometimes not even to our selves.. thats why some people embed it deep into their subconscious... but when you finally do tell a secret that sometimes hunts you thats when the other person finally has a window deep down into your soul.. but I think we all are afraid of being judged what ever we say to other people that we dont care or how ever much we deny it even sometimes to our selves the secret that we keep is that small hidden window that we keep so securely locked with in.. so are you afraid of your secrets.. how much does it eat you inside and need to share it.. do you think that it might relive a little of its burden like the need of these people to share even to complete strangers...

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rosh said...

Man, yes, am sure everyone has a secret, that is well hidden in the oceans of our heart/soul. I would like to share my secret, someday - and you are correct, the fear of vulnerability and judgement looms one from doing so.