Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hmmm... paper books or... e-books which one are you?

After Slow Start, E-Books Turn Page and Find FansBy BRAD STONE and MOTOKO RICH
Published: December 24, 2008
Thanks in part to the popularity of’s wireless Kindle device, the e-book has started to take hold.

I just read this article in The New York Times and it struck me does that mean after a few years we will not be able to go and walk around in a book store and brows through the book stands and stand there reading the back cover flipping the book in our hands trying to decide if this is a book I want to spend on my sofa covered with my throw with a cup of tea at my coffee table or may be it would be the kind of book that I would be lying on a beach in a vacation sipping a drink with my sunglasses on and just lazily reading a chicklit.. I don't think these e-books are comparable to holding a book and flipping through the pages, sometimes taking a peake at the next chapter too anxious to wait to whats going to happen next.. I think it will be a really sad day for me when paper books will be extinct, we are so anxious to be fast in everything we do even now with these e-books that are coming out that we forget that some thing were created to slow our pace down and just lay back and enjoy it flipping through the pages till the end and then you carry the next book.. I know I know that you get to walk around with all your books in your pocket or in your purse.. but some times I just sit and wonder why are we always in such a hurry..

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the crazy jogger said...

personally I like keepin min gadgets w/ me
so I dont thnk I would want this. If they have a PC version... sure
cuz Ive been readin magazines on the computer for a while n its okay..