Saturday, June 27, 2009

TV entertainment news in The Middle East: Miss Lebanon 09 Winner

Sitting flipping through the TV yesterday complaining that there was nothing to watch, and that in The Middle East TV satellite channels dont have any original shows or local productions that are worth watching. Unless it is the month of Ramadan when all the new TV series launch.
On LBC I found The Miss Lebanon 09 Beauty Pageant Contest showing at the moment when the contestants started answering the questions. I was astonished that most didn't have any insightful answers and most were superficial except three who were the ones chosen to be Miss Lebanon and her two runner ups.
I think the winner Martine Endrawos among the others was the best chosen she is pretty showed intelligence and confidence that will do will in Miss Universe and Miss World.
The show it self was entertaining The presenter was able to keep you in suspense and there was plenty of dance and song. Singers Nancy Ajram and Wael Kfoury performed but you can see that they were lip syncing. The firework was overdone it almost seemed like it was going to set the whole stage on fire and you couldn't see the people on stage anymore.
This is the clip for the last 10 min of the contest.
Watch how the former Miss Lebanon of last year was really unhappy to give up her crown. I thought that was funny.

overall was entertaining. I give it a thumbs up.

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