Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My interests through the two years on Fun Lilliy

I have been going through my blog to try to sum up what are the topics in my posts for the past two years. I found that it comes down to this excluding my travels.
1- Movies
2- Music
3- Books
4- TV shows
5- Fashion
6- Shopping
7- Women issues
8- Entertainment news
9- YouTube Videos.
10-Social media
11-Pop culture
12- New recourses, websites, and blogs.
!3- Personal thoughts.

I spend a good amount of time on the internet and mostly trying to find new websites to read, explore and follow. The more it is organic and new the more fun it is to explore. The web sites now are very creative and they evolve quickly at times into something that gains a lot of popularity. I call them web celebrities.

Another face of the internet that I am interested in is social media. I always sign up on them give them a trial and see what they have to offer. Sometimes I come back and sometimes I never go back. I try to figure out how I can benefit by using them or how they waist my time going in circles.

I still enjoy the oldies but goodies. We have the usual television shows, movies, music and books entertainment sector. Guess what? All those now have websites too.

To sum it all up I am interested in web entertainment, web pop culture, and web social media.

How am I going to implement all that interests here? Good question. My answer is that I have been doing that but not in a focused matter. Not in a beneficial matter. It has been fun, yes. But now what?

This time when I am going to share something on a post, it will be more researched. I will try to answer questions. These are examples:
Who is the creator?
When was it created?
What is the niche of the site?
What entertainment it has to offer?
What is my review of the site?
Why I think you would like to visit that site?
All that goes also for social media with the addition on how to make it easier to use?
I will try writing it without using fancy technical words that other web nerds try to confuse us with.

In conclusion the niche for this blog will be about exploring Web Sites, Web Entertainment, and Social Media!

Each post will go through one website that I will come across with a review. Does that sound fun? I hope so…

Write to you soon…


Ahsan said...

cool site said...

I'm glad you've found your "niche" - look forward to reading more about interesting websites or new social networking you come across :)

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