Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan TV entertainment: Khawateer Season 6

So here goes... First day in Ramadan..First Show to be reviewed.. this is a very anticipated month in the middle east not just because its a holy month when people go through a spiritual month of fasting, and praying. Many people also look forward to the upcoming TV shows entertainment which many of them priemer in this month. All the channels compete to give the best shows, many of these shows have been around for many years.
A popular one is "Khawateer" presented by Al-Shigary who is a Jeddah Native. Which comes on just before Maghrab prayers on MBC1. This year its the shows 6th season. Last year the theme was discussing many social behaviours in Saudi as well as the many good cultural behaviours from Japan. The show was criticized because it was not comparing the muslim behavior of Saudi Arabia with another muslim country. So this year as he explains in the first episode of this year season show. He will be visiting and discussing the cultures and social behaviours of other muslim countries like Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt. He will also be visiting Andalusia and talking about Muslims past accomplishments. He invited a British scientist to discusse Muslim inventions in the past.
"Khawateer" is a very popular show that has a good following of young people and other ages as well. It has mixed reviews. But at the end I think it has a great message with in it. If only people will listen to it closely.
What do you think of the show?

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