Saturday, January 5, 2008

What Do You Do To Get Over A Break Up Other Than Sing " I Will Survive"

Gloria Gaynor Lyrics

Ok so I would like to see the difference between what women do and what men do?
What do you do to get over a Break Up? Why do you do those things? I want honest from the heart answers even the weird and crazy things you do, don't be idealistic be real!

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rosh said...

welll....initially, I howl thru the sorrow, listen to music (yaani, Kenny G) and let it all bleed away..... throw around a lot of French vocabulary - go thru some intense pain....but stick thru the thick times, knowing you shall come out strong & resolute....realizing the world shall revolve, blue skies shall come around, trees & birds and all else which matters shall always be around.

Friends help a LOT - I've been blessed with some wonderful friends from childhood - they understand my silent moments the most.

I have a word for you lilly - PERSPECTIVE...we all need some perspective to help understand how beautiful life truly is, to see the beauty of people & things, and most importantly the beauty in us all, and realize, everything happens for a positive reason. Good things always happen to good souls - am sure good things are destined for you.

Hang in there....and let it all pass by - you've got to give it time.

Lilliy said...

Rosh... I totally agree with you loved ones and people who understand you this is the most time that they are needed.. because the last that a person needs to feel a lone.. they do help a lot..
Perspective I think will come with time.. its usually hard in the beginning but I have to remind my self of that always..
and keeping busy when I start to finally be able to move I think works too.. do things that I know make me happy..
Thank you rosh for the kind words I really appreciate it..
I know forgetting is a gift that is given to us so that we don't walk around carrying bad painful memories with us all the time..

Lilliy said...

I think the worst thing is not just the break up its when someone you loved with every heartbeat treats you in such a crule way knowing that it will cause you a lot of pain but they dont care and you find out that all this time you loved a monster.

rosh said...

....true, and this is wherein perspective comes in - we need to ask ourselves, why we care/love so much if there isn't the basic respect? WHAT is it we shall lose if this person is not in our lives? lilly a man (or woman) who does not respect his/her partner is not someone you should lose sleep over.....good riddance I say.

Lilliy said...

I always try to understand when sometimes things don't work out... then a breakup has to happen and the two people should go their separate ways.. life changes and priority also changes.. at times you reach a point when there is a dead end if sincere you try together to compromise what you can if you loved each other to try to make it work out but sometimes you reach a dead end .. its painful to admit but deep inside each knows that the end is near even after trying hard and giving chances to each other to try to fix things.. but still I think if the two respected each other the end has to be respectful giving time to adjustment and not be insulting and humiliating each other or causing more pain to each other especially if its already the separation is hard and painful to go through.. and not hit them when their down.. that to mean that the relationship was not respected in the first place and it wasn't as meaningful as the other thought..