Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fun Lilliy Wed Night YouTube Selection The Movie " Great Expectations"

So this film and the original Charles Dickens master piece book is one of my favorites.. when I was a teenager I read all of his books.. and this movie was the first time I was really fascinated by a modern version of a classic.. It was full and vivid with the story telling .. I loved that it combines.. Art, dance, and passion.. with complexity of human emotions.. I think I saw this movie like a hundred times and all the actors capture your heart from Finn the love sick boy fascinated with the world of the rich to his care taker who still loved him even though Finn was ashamed of him.. The use of the green color in the background and clothing made a live feeling even Stella's shielded icy heart.. Its almost a fantasy but still real somehow and modern. I love it.. so now thanks to you tube I am sharing it with you.

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IYM said...

I love this movie as well.. it's one of my favorites ever..
I have the movie track music.. I play it all the time..
I wish I could have one of the paintings for my place..
There is something about the cinematography of this movie that makes it unique, maybe it's the narrator..the colours.. the music.. the acting.. everything.. everything.. love it
I hope it comes out on blue-ray as well.. it'll be more fun I guess !