Friday, April 11, 2008

Nigella Lawson Sexy Cooking

The first post is a really nice interview with her.. I love the way she talks about food and how she is honest about her passion and somehow she transmits her passion of life.. she makes food a love to be embraced not something to be ashamed of.. just watch her in her clips and how she makes cooking and a full figured woman look soooo sexy and seductive ( inviting to just enter her world and her passion of what pleasure lies ahead by stimulating your taste buds in such a way that its passion on a plate) .. I have heard men talk about her that she is very very sexy to them, one of them I heard with my own ears would love to be feed by her.. and she really does embrace the fact that we heard most of our life " the way to a mans heart is through his stomach " I think if any of us women just talk about food and make it the way she does who wouldn't want to be feed by our hands as well.. I am just saying..

chocolate chocolate chocolate!!!!! YAMMY!!!

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Dotsson said...

I wouldn't mind trying something you cooked.

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