Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Lilliy Women-Issue News Selection " Female assesses masters thesis of male "

Female assesses masters thesis of male
Saudi Gazette Friday, 20 June 2008 Riyadh - For the first time in the history of higher education in Saudi Arabia, a female is taking part in an evaluation of a scientific thesis submitted by a male researcher.
It was the norm at Saudi universities to exclude female academics from discussions involving male students.
However, the English Department of the College of Languages at King Saud University has made this habit a thing of the past, which may usher in a new era. The step was described by academics as “historic,” giving the credit for this development to Dr. Saad Al-Baze’i and Dr. Odah Al-Jahni, both of whom have long been advocates of involving women in scientific debates.
Researcher Ibrahim Azizi earned Wednesday a Master’s degree with a rating of excellent with honors for his study on US-Arab Literature.
Dr. Marsha Qatareya, who took part in the discussion of the thesis together with Dr. Al-Jahni, said, “I am proud to be among the first to break the barrier in the area of discussion of thesis at Saudi universities and I hope this will allow for more events like this in the future.”
Qatareya said she had her reservations for taking part in such a landmark event however with the support from from Dr. Odah Al-Jahni, the department head, and Professor Saad Al-Baze’i gave her the needed push. – Al-Hayat

What can I say.. I guess I have to say " yay ".. I have to keep telling myself "baby steps baby steps"...

This is another article'
Summer camp aims to help young women plan for future
Walaa Hawari | Arab News

RIYADH: With the aim of generating a sense of social responsibility among young Saudi adults, the Summer of Luthan camp for girls has been established at Luthan, the first women-only hotel in Riyadh.

The three-week camp, which begins on July 5, is a new concept in summer camps. Among its many programs include visits to workplaces where women are taking the lead. It will also present workshops to enhance the girls’ knowledge of many aspects of life and to build their self-esteem and confidence.......

I hope that all these efforts are encouragement to do more and more..

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Anonymous said...

عجيب هذا التفكير
والى اي اتجاه
وما هي نقطة الوصول المقصوده
لعل كلامي هذا يغضبك حضرة الدكتوره
ولكن دعينا نتحدث بعقل
ونضع المصلحه العامه نصب اعيننا
لمجتمعنا ولديننا واخرتنا
يجب الا نكون مثل الذباب الذي لا يقع الا على الجروح او بافضل حال لا نكون سلبيين ومجحفين ونحن ندعي باننا من صفوة الجتمع!
هل المقصود ان تكسر النساء حاجز الخجل فيصبحون لا يعرفون من الادب الا اسمه ومن الشرف الا الجنس!
تحياتي يادكتوره وارجو ان يكون الهدف هو الانصاف والتقدم الحقيقي وليس التقدم الذي يستفيد منه الامريكي لانه بدون اقنعه ويحرم منه السعودي لانه يلبس الغترة والثوب

بالمناسبه موقع رائع وتمنيت لو ان صور الشلالات الجميله هذه كان قد ركب عليه مصفي او فلتر لكي يبدو اكثر جاذبيه...

Lilliy said...

Mr. annonymous,
The end point of this is progress.. and these two articles have nothing to do with SEX... if women want to work they are not doing it for "SEX" they are doing it for work.. sex is not their end point... education.. work.. individuality ... its not for sex.. if you are saying that education is wrong.. then that is your personal opinion.. every one has a right to their own opinions I have to respect that.. as I expect it from others..
Thank you for sharing your thoughts..
that clip isnt my taking its from youtube.

Lilliy said...

Mr./or Ms. Annonymous try when your addressing someone to be respectful to other nationalities you never know what nationality they are from in the first place..