Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sunday Paper... miss it..

OK, so one of the things that I miss when I was living in North America is the Sunday paper.. you get a huge stack of papers.. its the best thing I just love waking up walking around in my PJ's and a big cup of coffee and sitting reading the paper.. in the US its usually $1.99 for 15 sections plus a Magazine.. one of my favorites is The New York Times in New York my favorite city in the world.. my second favorite city now is becoming Dubai.. the paper is the best thing to lazying around all day or if its nice and sunny to take it to the park or to a nice outdoor cafe ( that's usually for a Sat ) I miss those small pleasurable rituals.. and when you are busy and cant read it all in one day it lasts you the whole week.. it has loads of reading from the important news in the week to travel and style.. so that what I ve done one of the first things I bough at the shop when I got to Chicago is buy the Sunday paper The Chicago Tribune because I am busy it is lasting me the whole week almost.. I love the TV guide in it as well I can plan my breaks.
The above picture was taken from The Chicago Tribune The Sawmp section The Article with a video of the editor of The New Yorker talking about this cover which has been talked about a lot in the media and the news this is the article link:
New Yorker flap turns attention to satire

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