Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

NEVER STOP DREAMING!!!!!!! NEVER STOP HOPING!!!!!! NEVER STOP MOVING FORWARD TO TRY TO TOUCH YOUR DREAMS!!!!!! they might just come true one day.. thats what keeps you able to open your eyes in a new morning and get up and live life...


BuJ said...

hi lilliy.. how ru?
have you heard from IYM? she's gone completely off the radar, i hope she's ok.

Lilliy said...

Hi Buj,
No I haven't heard from IYM.. when she does that I think she wants to be left alone during these times.. I am sure when she is ready she will announce where she can be reached.. I wouldn't worry..
take care..

BuJ said...

lilly, she surfaced a few days after i wrote a post for her.. who says girls don't like attention?



Anonymous said...

I love this video, it shows how the world can be united through smiles and dance.