Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NYT article: How Twitter Can Help at Work

September 7, 2008, 9:01 pm
How Twitter Can Help at Work
By Sarah Milstein
Twitter is a simple messaging service that you’ve either heard about a lot or not at all. Either way, it’s a fun and useful tool, well worth trying if you want to reach potential and existing customers, employees or employers.
Like blogging, Twitter lets you write messages that other people can read. Unlike blogging, Twitter limits your messages to 140 characters. (The previous two sentences absorbed exactly 140 characters.) Readers can choose to receive your Twitter updates (sometimes called “tweets”) on their phones, via IM, RSS or on the Web. The brevity, combined with the variety of delivery systems, make Twitter a powerful medium. Here are five ways to harness it.....

I found this article very interesting.. I feel that in KSA utilisation of all these available services is lagging behind.. I would love to use this service in reaching my patients and giving tips on how to care for the skin, answer simple questions,and many other uses but I don't feel that they are interested.. its still an idea that I might start and keep it up till may be people get the hang of it.. I think may be part of my problem is I have to try to learn to write in Arabic... hmmm...
I am not a very frequent twitterer but I do follow a lot of interesting people on twitter.. and see some use it for fun .. some use it as a way to communicate with friends.. others with colleagues at work or even to arrange for meetings.. some to announce for posts on there blogs.. companies..magazines.. even to help you lose weight by sending you reminders to place a list of what you ate... the list is endless.. its fun and it can be useful.. I follow a lot of people from different countries.. KSA.. Dubai.. US.. with different interests.. you never get bored..
One twitterer that I have been following in particular that combines business,and social usage of Twittwer is DrBaher who has founded a company in Dubai called CloudAppers that is great in utilising Cloud Web in all aspects of his business.. so if you want to have a sample of just how you might be able to utilise twitter in some of its many faces then check his link..


the crazy jogger said...

yeah its usefull. I found abt abt some seminars n some of hte Uni's club's thru twitter..
n also where wht is goin down!
too bad sooo many ppl are missin out

Lilliy said...

There are soo many useful tools in the web to keep me informed of the progress of far away patients.. and even you just too busy patients that I can just spend a few min to answer some of there quick questions when ever I have time.. but they wont even use the email on my card let alone a quick tool like twitter.. but I am still hopefull.. I think its coming.. but more so with the younger generations..