Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aksaray and Turkish Word # 4

Ok.. I havent neglected me learning turkish I was just away for a few days..
so here it is word #4:

Hayir hire or higher =NO


Notorious said...

i need to learn turky my latest crush is from turky :P but dont worry not the guy from noor :Pp

Lilliy said...

Yah I know what you mean the first time I tried tolearn Italian was because I had a crash on all italians :)

3azab said...

OOPS that means i have to learn almost 99 languages

Lilliy said...

lol.. 3azab.. yes I think it will be too much if every time someone gets a crush on someone to learn their language but I narrowed it down to only countries I enjoy visiting more than once and I think Turkey has become one of them..

3azab said...

Turkey is one of my favorites. I stoped in Turkey for 2 weeks during a long trip on a ship. Good looking guys and girks over there eh?

Lilliy said...

I think its because they have so much mixed blood.. and my real personal taste they are a bit too pale for me..
and I wasnt really ever a fan of Mohannad ( the turkish actor on that series Noor) who I dont think he is really turkish.. but I know that a lot of women were really big fans of his to the point that now there were tours taking fans to where that house they filmed in..