Monday, January 19, 2009

Kal Penn Announces Video Contest

I always believed in the power of all these web tools that we now have in our position ( YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace) I had friends when I started blogging 2 years ago giving sarcastic comments as if getting your opinion out and sharing your interest might be insignificant.. but in the long run I have learned a lot from blogging, YouTubing, twittering...all the different social media and web tools... in these areas I got to see the intellectual and the silly but fun. I learned to express myself in many ways..
This YouTube post is an example of how much you can utilizing these web tools to be beneficial.. to help.. to involve..
I always and always talked about this or keep mentioning it that I don’t think we utilize these tools more often in KSA for more of an educated purposes or communicating tools for instance like in my own profession as a way of health education and direct question and answers between the doctor and patient as a reference tool.. trying to implement it in my practice has been difficult but I also have a problem with trying to communicate in Arabic in writing which is some thing I have been working on.. I think these tools should be utilized more to the point that it should be routine .. because its just there at our face all we have to do is reach out and grab it like they are doing here.

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