Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am not a "To Do:" list kind of gal!

I think this has been my problem in my life is a bet chaotic in the way I conduct things. Most of my on time friends have to do lists and almost less than half tell me that they stick to it. It keeps them on track. I always say to my self that I have that "to do list" in my head but its not true, I end of wasting a lot of time because I delay things to be done to the last minute and I sit worrying about not doing the things that I ams suppose to do and then when I absolutely HAVE TO I get stressed out! I woke up yesterday and I am determined to live a less stressful life by making my time more efficient so I am not always stressing out that I am falling behind. Its giving headaches and I think its raising my blood pressure because I am starting to get buzzing in my ears every time I get upset. Its all my doing... I just have to find a way to be more efficient. So starting this week is cut down on distractions and acknowledging that I am not a multi tasked kind of person.. To Do list to improve the way I do my work: 1- Wake up 2 hours early daily during weekdays. If I wake up 2 hours before I actually have to to get ready to go to work will give me enough time to do things before every body wakes up and start distracting me from doing some of much delayed work. 2nd day now and I am already a tiny bet happier... got some things done.. will try to finish the week and see how many days I actually did wake up at 7:30am. <3 and Peace to all!

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