Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is where it all started :)

Hello my dear dear Blog, Sorry to have been away for so long. I never abandoned you but you have set the first stones to what good things has came after and made me too busy to come here and write... You will always be dear to me and I know that you will always be there for me here like a good ole dear friend with welcoming arms and a big heart... happy that I have grown and left the nest but will always come home back to you when I need to clear my head from all the noise and craziness of what has become of the social media era.. It always amazes me of how much I learned here and the paths that you my simple personal dear blog has taken me... But I love every minute of it and every accomplishment... remember when people jokes about why am I waisting my time here, and who would read this... many read this and from it I learned blogging and from blogging I landed a part time job that not just opened doors but it made some of my dreams actually come true... the blogs that came after actually became my resume online.. So thank you Blog... Thank you for all that you had given me... you kept me sane at times that were tough and kept me going in between jobs sitting at home and were depressed, those times that it was difficult to get out of bed... every day of those dark days you gave me a purpose and got me out of bed all along teaching me giving me a skill.. and later those teachings brought me opportunities that made my life better... I love you! XOXO Lilliy

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