Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Lilliy Learning Turkish!

In an attempt to learn a new language and inspired by my recent trip to Istanbul Turkey.. I have decided to learn Turkish.. It suddenly made sense to me to learn this language.. I am a descendant originally from Uzbek origin and never been taught by my parents to speak Uzbek, they were worried that it would confuse me I was already learning Arabic and English at the same time.. so they thought learning a third language would be hard on us.. I still remember my late grandfather who was always proud of our origin talking to us only in Uzbek every time we visited him and when ever I say I don’t understand he would turn to my father and scold him and tell him that it was his fault that we don’t speak Uzbek.. ever since I visited Istanbul in Eid and listening to the Turks with the sounds and the words that are very familiar to me.. and since Turkish is the sibling language of Uzbek.. I found that I have more access to Turkish teaching books.. Cds.. and sites which will help me.. I made my decision I will learn Turkish! so here goes.. my first word..
Merhaba! merhaba = Hello!

Coming soon ..the photos that I took in Istanbul! its a very old city.. full of history.. I was really enchanted and romanced by Istanbul...


the crazy jogger said...

hey! nice idea.. lookin fwd to readin them everyday..

Lilliy said...

Thanks.. I am looking forward to writing them.. I turned to my blog to help me learn it motivates me and taking it one word or one phrase a day.. wont feel tiring.. I am always usually in a hurry to learn something but I get excited and then lose interest as quickly as I begin.. I thought I can write about my trip.. show my photos that I taken and learn Turkish all together. It made it more interesting for me.. I hope it will be also interesting for the readers of the blog.. so Merhaba..