Monday, October 27, 2008

Dolmabahce and Turkish Word #3

Th Dolmabahce Palace was actually closed on the day that I took the Hop on Hop off Bus tour (Euro 20 per person)which has become kind of like a tradition when ever I arrive to a new city full of touristic sites to see and I just listen to the commentary with the headsets with your chosen language and big list of all the areas to be seen which is almost everything you were looking up in a travel guide book.. its kind of like scanning the places and then deciding which of them to actually make time to go see .. usually these buses have interesting stop points and the next bus would come an hour later.. it had a stop point at this palace which is suppose to be as per the travel guide book says "An Ottman- European Extravaganza " but it was closed that day and I didn't have the time to get back and see the next day.. Next Trip for sure..
Today's Turkish word:
Evet evvet =Yes


sea life said...

Thanks for the nice words and for visiting my spot.
I enjoy reading yours as well.The pictures are full of history, great!

Notorious said...

I should do the same thing, you know the bus tour ,, coz I love visiting historical places but some of the locations i've visited r just boring

Lilliy said...

sea life... Yes I love old pictures it takes you away.. I have my own pics that I took while I was there in Istanbul but I am just sorting them out and then while I was looking in the web I found these pictures.. so I wanted to share them here..

notorious... I just love these hop on hope off buses.. you get on and then your on your own.. I know its probably cheaper to try the local transportation but when I am visiting a city that has a lot of history, alot of touristic sites, and I am only visiting for just a few days.. taking these buses just allows me to enjoy and relax instead of wasting half the time trying to figure out trams and getting lost most of the time and trying to ask locals who most dont speak english where to go.. and usually they are fairly priced.. I just love them.. the first hop on hop off bus I took was in london and it was amazing it made lonodon like disneyland.. it stops at alot of sites and it was picking up people evey 30-45 min and it lasts till the second day it was 24 hours.. the one in istanbul was only for that day and it ended at 6pm.

sea life and notorous.. thank you both for visiting my blog..

Notorious said...

Holly carp a whole day I didn’t know that,, I’m having second thoughts :Pp made me think that I really need an interesting fun partner to seat beside me,, coz its true I can be fascinated by all the history but I like to criticize and talk a lil :P

Lilliy said...

notorious.. lol... nooo the ticket lasts a whole day that means if there are things you wernt able to stop and see the day before and the time of the buses had stoped for the day then you can cont. the second day.. its like a 24 hours unlimited passes transportation kind of thing...