Friday, May 30, 2008

Did you know that May 24th was Fun Lilliy 1st post Birthday!!!!!!

I didn't even realize it till today I knew it was in May but I didn't know that it had passed... I am sorry Fun Lilliy.. actually originally the blog I opened it in Feb but I hadn't placed anything on it at that time and it was only because my friend IYM had a blog and had being enjoying posting on it the things that she finds interesting and she was telling me that I should try but I didnt know what to put.. till I placed my first post and it was because I found Uzbek songs that I wanted to share with my friends.. and that's how it all began.. Fun Lilliy has been my friend.. that I can tell anything that my hearts wants to say out to the world and that's how by her being my trusted friend she had connected me to all of you.. the people that I had lots of chats and interesting discussions and a lot of times encouragements during some difficult times.. I have neglected my fun lilliy when I was very busy but she sat there patiently waiting knowing that I will always come back and telling me that she is always there for me when I need her.. so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUN LILLIY!!!!!! and Thank you!!!! for all that you gave me... and forgive me for taking this long to say Happy birthday.. I know you will understand.. :) hugs and kisses...

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