Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My new clutch.. but in Bronze color..

Its wrong wrong wrong for me to stop at any Bag store " just to take a quick look" HA!!!!! that never works for me especially that I am the kind of gal that is a bag gal more than a shoe girl.. I love bags.. so I had to do a fast erand today on my way home I wanted to get some coffee.. but I dint ask to be stoped just in front of the coffee house ..nooo I want to go from the main entrance of the small mall that happens to have a Nine West store just when you go through the entrance.. " whats the harm in just to glance at the window on my way to get my coffee.. Right?.. well that doesn't work that way.. EVER!!!.. the glance to catch my eye at a certain item.. I see a sale.. I see a bag.. I bring out my card.. I buy a bag.. or a slipper... its summer around the corner.. I need nice cute summer sexy slippers to show off my pedicure.. any ways I ended up buying this very nice handy especially when I am travelling.. doesn't take much space in my travelling bag.. and it brightens any outfit when you go out at night for dinner or something.. blah blah blah.. yah yah yah.. just any reason that makes it legitimate for me to buy the bag.. so I did and it made me happy.. I will take it with me in my next trip just to prove I was serious about the reason behind wasting my money.. :)

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