Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why Twitter Matters

Can the fledgling microblogging service become a social media powerhouse to rival giants like Facebook—or will it be gobbled up?

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Anonymous said...

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ammaro said...

it should get bigger for certain tasks, but i dont think it will go anywhere near facebook, which has reached ridiculous heights.

Lilliy said...

Facebook is more personal I traveled and lived in a lot of places and it really helped me be able to keep in-touch with people other wise I wouldn't have spoken or even emailed unless once in a blue moon.. it made it much easier to let people know what you have been up to and what they have been up to with out the need to raise the phone and call.. because lets face it some of us find it even very hard to have time to call other than your immediate family member.. its like they get a small visit to your house..
but twitter is another story.. its blogging in a way.. but in small busts its kind of like saying what comes to your mind and sometimes its kind of a chat room.. I cant describe it but.. I think its also kind of like SMS to friends and twitter twitterers its kind of addicting.. I like both and I think both have there use.. in twitter I am kind of anonymous and microblogging.. in Face book its me to friends and family to keep in-touch only..

Lilliy said...

and welcome Ammaro to my blog..