Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fun Lilliy Visit to "Coach" with her new hand bag, and what else was eye catching?

It started with this bag that I needed for work last month which is a great bag its strong colorful goes well with my flowery abayah that has white and pink embroidery .. I Love this bag I even took it to Dubai last month for the Dubai Derm conference..

THIS IS MY NEW BAG!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! its my daily hand bag I fell in love with the color Turquoise is one of my favorites it was this color or red I choose this it reminds me of the color of the sea.. Patent is in this season and so are bright colors very spring...

I had sat and debated between this bag and the one I got for quite a while but I opted for the convenience and the comfort on the above bag at the end since it will be my daily hand bag i need something that is quick and easy to get my unglass and wallet from and close securely this I couldn't close properly without a bit of a struggle with the zipper so I didn't take it..

This collection and this particular bag has become popular in Jeddah with young working women and I can understand why its big enough to carry file s and important papers and maybe even your laptop but at the same time it gives a casual comfortable summer/spring colorful look to you as your off in the morning.. to me as I am leaving to my clinic it looked too casual.. that's why I had chosen the above instead.. i think what had put me off it for a work bag is the handle it was cloth too casual but if I was going to the beach its ideal or shopping on the weekend...

Part of that collection is this one of the kind of bags that I really like when I am travelling and sightseeing it frees your hand while your taking photos especially that it would carry the essentials for the day this would look great with any sexy jeans and a nice T while you are wondering around in one of those hop on Hop Off buses which i usually take when ever I go to a new city it gives you time to see every thing as well as have stops at important sites to walk around or have lunch and stuff.. and with this bag you don't have to worry about forgetting it on the bus because it would be side ways hanged on you.. this is "COACH HERITAGE STRIPE SWINGPACK"

I had seen this bangle in the catalogue before I went and too bad it wouldn't fit into my hand without hurting me.. I have a wide bony area in the mid of my hand so not every bangle fits..

Now this was something I really liked and most likely it will be bought in my next visit unless I get distracted by another key chain that is as cute as this one.. the seller was trying to sell me one of those key chains with a locked in it.. but I think I ve grown up for those romantic sentimental buys.. I am not as sentimental as I used to be...

and here is another key chain that was really nice and elegant "HERITAGE DISCS KEY FOB"

Don't worry I am not the kind that gets dressed from head to toe in one label like a sheep being stamped with one of those iron tattoos.. it happened that I like the work bag and the hand bag at the same time they were both right for a certain purpose..

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