Saturday, May 31, 2008

I read a very intresting post from fellow blogger Ammaro

This was a very intresting post that I wanted to direct my friends to read as well this is the Link: Isolated from the World
Ammaro is a fellow Bahraini Blogger that I have read very intresting posts and this is one of them.. the pictures are amazing..


ammaro said...

who is this ammaro guy, he sounds really cool

rosh said...

haha! yea who is this Ammaro dude, never heard of him :)

Am sure there are many more undiscovered "worlds" tribes, people and all, because there are several places that remain undiscovered/untouched. And the Amazon is H-U-G-E with aged old civilizations spread about.

Lilliy said...

LoL.. talk about being humble Ammaro..
I really liked this post.. and its just amazing to think of a world untouched by the fast running pace that the rest of the world is going by.. it reminded me of that movie.. " Time machine" when all thats around the guy is moving and he is still in the center..
Rosh.. yes The Amazon is huge and till now there are plants that as doctors a lot think that some cures are with in those still undiscovered trees and plants..