Monday, May 12, 2008

They finally opened LUSH!!

This is one of my favorite body products stores when I was in Canada.. I always buy one of their "BATH BOMBS" as a gift for my self, as a pick me up, or when I need to pamper my self and take care of my self.. I have been passing buy both stores in Tahlia Shopping Mall and also the one in Roshan Mall and they have been closed for quite a while.. its finally open again and I bought my self a BATH BOMB and two others each for both my sisters to try.. I have a gut feeling that I will get at least one of my sisters addicted to them as well.. They are so feminine these BATH BOMBS.. if you haven't tried them or your girl didn't try to get you to take a bath with one of these bombs in the water get to it.. its really romantic.. just soak in it and forget the world..
For my self I bought SAKURA

For one of my sisters I bought SEX BOMB

My other sister I bought THINK PINK because she likes Vanilla scents

and don't go economical when you use these BATH BOMBS you have to use the whole ball to really enjoy.. I know its a splurge but aren't you worth it? I know I am :)
check out also LUSH Website they have PDF files to download with tips on skin care and news regarding their products.. its interesting to brows through..

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Inspire Your Mind said...

Lush opened in Dubai many years ago.. almost more than 6 years now..
We also have Fruits and Passion in Ibn Batuta mall..
In fact, one of my future projects with my brother is to open a relaxing body products store but hopefully once I'm back to the beautiful Dubai.. can't wait :)
I just got myself a bathtub pillow to help me out with my soothing indulgence..
yum yum..
Enjoy your bubble bath Lilliy

Lilliy said...

lol... count me in that project too IYM... thats an amazing idea..