Thursday, December 13, 2007

Born To Be Wild-!! one of my favorite songs on my Birthday!!! to share with all of my friends..

This is the original song by Steppenwolf- Born to Be Wild- Easy Rider (lol..dont mind the 60s hairdos..)

This is the more modern version done by Hinder - Born To Be Wild - NASCAR on TNT

I think this song explains the way of life of anyone who is free spirited.. so I dedicate this song to any woman out there that has a sprit of being who ever she is and not afraid of showing it to the whole world.. saying THIS IS ME !!!!
I think my parents didn't quite expected me when I was born as their first child to be the way I am, I was and still am a handful-!! but I am who I am and my life was never boring.. so I am thankful for this life..

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Inspire Your Mind said...

Happy Birthday love..I thought it was the 14th and not the 13th ?!

Wanna 'Mythos' girl ?
Will have a 'planned' celebration sure when you join me here in May ;)

I'm glad we met Lilliy.. nice to have you in my life.. :)

rosh said...

They sound a lot like Aerosmith - plenty of passion & intensity :)

Pray life brings you the very best lilly. You never know what life has in store for you - live it to the fullest to discover life's best held pleasures - Happy Birthday!

Lilliy said...

IYM.. its always been the 13 dec last year you did the same thing you thought it was the 14 lol... thank you luv Im glad we meet too...

Rosh.. I am a fan of Rock I like its sound and the aerosmith are one of my favorites.. I love Jaded.. and Dude looks like a lady.. lol.. and Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes.. I appreciate it..

IYM said...

Lilliy, you wanna go rocking with " Bara Bara" for Rachid Taha ? U remember what we've done to him ?

Lilliy said...

IYM.. how can I forget that night.. lol..