Monday, December 24, 2007

Fun Lilliy YouTube Selection The Classic Movie " Its A Wonderful Life"

This Movie has always been on TV when ever I sat and flipped through the channels in North America each year around this time I would be wearing something warm watching snow out the balcony with a hot coco or cinnamon hot cider (which I always buy a can of its mix from Second Cup, I love these things) in hand and covered with my red blanket relaxing in-front of the TV especially if I wasn't on call.. The funny thing is that I never seen it all the way through, I used to only see parts of it but never the ending.. I heard so much about it, they even had it on "Friends" when Febe in the episode about " Old Yeller " had told the story that her mom always closed the video just before they kill the dog.. after she finds that out Febe goes and rents all the sad movies out there, sees their endings and becomes depressed.. to cheer her up her friends gave her this movie and told her that not all endings are sad.. so because I never seen the whole movie all the way through and because some of my friends who are on call at this time at the hospital who might not be able to see this TV tradition I am posting this Movie tonight so we can all watch it together..
This is the playlist link on atarumyth Channel on YouTube if you wanted to be able to view it full screen mode :
It`s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Added: Its a bummer the playlist is not available any more on YouTube that account has been suspended. Thats why I placed a few clips of the Movie on this current player..

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Lilliy said...

I really enjoyed watching this movie all the way through this time.. I think in all of us we always had some dreams that we weren't able to do and our priorities change with time as we mature.. this movie does teach you that even if life doesn't turn up exactly like what you dreamed of its still special and we should be thankful of the gifts and the people that we love and we over look with the slightest bump in the road.. we have to appreciate what we have, what we done, accomplished and the special gift of life.
So if you were like me and haven't seen this movie before.. try to see at one point, its one of those feel good movies that you might enjoy especially if you were having a rough day and feel frustrated with some bumps in your road it would remind you that life is truly wonderful even if that bump is still there!