Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fun Lilliy Celebrating Post Number 100!!!!

Hi every one.. This is my post Number 100!!!!
I had been thinking long on what to write on this special post.. I thought the best would be just to talk about my blog.. what better.. right?
I am really happy about this because I have seen myself change in regards to my posts since I first started Fun Lilliy.
The choice of the name came about from that Lilliy is my nickname and Fun was because I have to be very serious during my work hours and being in the medical field which can take over your whole life, I thought this would be my more relaxed side.. the Fun side.. Fun Lilliy was actually empty for months after I signed up for it, till I placed my first post which was in conjunction with me discovering how fun YouTube is, I had signed up for my own channel, and learned how easy it was to post directly from it to my blog..
My first post I wanted it to be something that reflects me, and who I am so I placed Uzbek songs and videos from YouTube..
The first person to comment was actually my friend IYM ( she had encouraged me to start my own blog for a long time since she had her own blog and really been enjoying it) and then this blog just took a life of its own. I was just posting things that I thought were fun to share with my friends only, to now actually trying to create my own things .. I used to not know what to post.. but now I have to pace my self not to post too much because I have so much I want to share, and write..
I have to be thankful for this blog it had helped me to discover better how other people think.. I got to read blogs from different cultures and it made me more in touch with the events, news, opinions and thoughts from around the globe, not just from where I come from.. it made me read a lot more, and taken me out of the loop of being just stuck to reading medical books and journals.. I am now more opinionated and it is exhilarating to post my own opinions and share them with others in things that I am interested in.. it broaden further my horizons and views about the world and about others.. Fun Lilliy, and the blog sphere fellow bloggers have helped me to keep my mind off my troubles and still put a smile on my face on my worst days and troubled times..
Now I try to think and research a lot about the topic I have in mind.. I used to read very few news papers and websites but now I have extended it to many more.. everything these days is made available online and making articles, videos and links easy to post also made it more exciting to post on the blog.. I take more photos, and this had become a hobby that I really really enjoy.. especially that I am able to share it with others and get to see other bloggers photos.. some even are giving tips on photography.. I have my digital camera in my purse now all the time, I never leave home with out it..
Fun Lilliy has helped me to grow in other ways I didn't think about before.. I am thankful for it and I am thankful for the fellow bloggers who keep me on my feet because of there amazing blogs that made me want to be a better blogger too...
So CHEERS to my next 100 posts, to readers and to all fellow bloggers!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Lilly on hitting the 100 posts mark :-) Always looking forward to read more of your writings. Keep up the good work!

rosh said...

Mabrook Lilly - it's always a pleasure to visit/read your blog. Warm thoughts & tones - am sure it's all quite reflective of you/your personality. Look forward to your posts :)

Tony said...

Hi all,
Hi Lilly, congrats on your 100th post, and also a big congratulations on becoming a 'blogaholic' like the rest of us.
What your latest post explains is how easy it is to become almost addictive to blogging, it's great fun, and I have to agree with you when you say it broadens your horizons.
I find myself reading blogs I would never have dreamt of visiting before, it's great, once your hooked it's hard to give up, and who wants to.
Great blog, look forward to the next 100 posts.


Lilliy said...

Ahmed, Rosh, and Tony..
Thank you so much for the sweet words and wishes.. I really appreciate it and take to heart.. :)

BuJ said...

mabrook 100 posts of wisdom and fun.

Lilliy said...

Thank you Buj.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Oh I wanted to say it in French but I was afraid I would miss-spell it..
Mabrook hun.. keep up the good work..

Liliy said...

IYM.. Thank you sweetie.. you keep up the great discussion starters that you have on your blog too I really enjoy them.