Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fun Lilliy Question: Do you read the book before the film? or you just wait for the film to come out then find out what the story is?

So what is it..
Do you always try to read the book before the film?
Do wait for the film to find out what the bestseller story is and just dont read the book?
Do you see the film then read the book?
or you dont care.. and just play it by ear?

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Inspire Your Mind said...

Hey hun.. why don't you show the dice that I gave you ? Loly.. you know, the kama sutra one ! loly..

Back to your post.. I usually see the movie without reading the book.. faster this way..and I wouldn't have time to read every single book that's being filmed ! No time.. no time

However, certain novels I just keep in my little library at home.. like Charles Dickens writings..

rosh said...

Sah! I agree with IYM, no time wallah. Watch the movie - the get the book, and let it collect time man :)

Lilliy said...

I usually try first to read the book and buy to get around to reading it.. but as both of you said most of the time I dont have time to read the book first so I just see the movie and look at book sitting in my library and hope to get around to reading it one day.. sometimes I do and some times I dont.. but I strongly believe that the book is usually much more interesting and more enjoyable than the film because its the words of the authors them selves the way they wanted people to view it and it lets your imagination work.. but I also have times when the book actually didn't interest me to read in the first place so I just see the movie and be done.. but in general I am a big fan movies where I go to and buy a lot of, but I am more selective to what I chose to buy and read because of the time factor I am not a big reader ( I think that comes because I always HAVE to read a lot of medical stuff and big books all the time it gets to me I become a little tired of books and the feel of guilt that I get that instead of reading this I should be going through this medical book or that medical journal which is never ending)..

Lilliy said...

IYM.. lol... when I saw this picture and chose it the first thing that came to my mind was those prank dice you chose.. :P

BuJ said...

really depends is my answer!

if it's a subject that really interests me or that i know has been done badly on film, then i'll definitely read the book first.. and i might even not bother with the film.

anything else i'd watch the film only.

however i'm afraid the film happens more often than the book-read.. but this is the hallmark of our 21st century eh?

Lilliy said...

I agree with you buj.. now they make the movies as soon as the book becomes a best seller like before.. it used to a longer time.. so most of the time you just go watch the movie and you think of reading the book which also I find that you cant keep up because there are so many too...