Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Movie " The Kite Runner" .. much awaited movie..

I haven't seen The Movie yet... but I am really waiting for it to be available, it will be in theaters this coming Dec 14th 2007.. The trailers seem that they have done a good job making Khaled Hosseini`s book novel " The Kite Runner" if you haven't read the book yet I highly recommend that you do (even with the disturbing part in the book).. its still would be nice to read it as the Author had written it with his own words before you see the movie
This is an interview with him :

here is the trailer for the movie on YouTube:

These are the official movie websites:
" The Kite Runner" Official Site
Apple Trailers " The Kite Runner" you can see it in HD on this Apple Site.. which is my personal favorite because may be I am just an Apple fan..
also in the news there is a buzz on the actors in the movie that needed to be moved from Afghanistan to the UAE because there is a possible danger on them for acting in this film which was filmed in China.. here is the link to The New York Times Article:
‘Kite Runner’ Boys Are Sent to United Arab Emirates
Published: December 3, 2007
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 2 — The “Kite Runner” boys are safely out of Kabul. After months of worrying and diplomatic wrangling from half a world away, the movie studio that is releasing the tale of childhood betrayal, ethnic tension and sexual predation in Afghanistan has whisked to safety four young actors. They were feared to be vulnerable to reprisal because of the film’s depiction of a culturally inflammatory rape scene.
The boys, each accompanied by a relative, arrived in the United Arab Emirates on Friday just after 3 a.m. Eastern time, said officials working with the studio, Paramount Pictures. The movie’s release had been delayed by six weeks to allow time for them to be relocated. It will open on Dec. 14 in 30 markets.

I dont understand though why they had to use actors that are young boys from the same country as the one in the novel and put them in possible danger like that.. but as in the article the production company says that they will help them.. so I just hope they stick to helping them..
Added: Have you read the book? if you didn't read it do you think you will , just wait for the movie, or you wont do either?

Added: Dec 18th, 2007

The premier of the film was in Dubai, UAE on the last day of The 4th Dubai International Film Festival which was on Dec 16th, 2007 just two days ago.. there were many interviews done by the author who came to the premier and director Marc Forster who said
"I felt the story in the book will shine a light on Afghanistan, and it felt like there was a new beginning, so it never crossed my mind that any of these children would be in danger," he said.
in an interview with abc News " Behind the Controversial Scenes of 'The Kite Runner'
Director Marc Forster: 'It Never Crossed My Mind' That Child Actors Would be Put in Danger"

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rosh said...

I am gonna wait and watch the movie - then buy the book, and pretend like I read it :)

Lilliy said...

I read the book its really good.. but I am very much looking forward to seeing the movie.. it looks that they have gone through a lot of effort.. i just hope it wont be disappointing like the film " The Da Vinci Code " where every body who read-the book was very disappointed because it didn't do justice of the book.